What is the origin of Satan?

What is a valid Catholic response to this particular claim :
I have a muslim friend who says that according to islam, satan wasn’t an angel at the beginning because he was made from fire and not from light like the angels. He is from an other race like the gins. When God created human beings, he told to the angels that we are the best thing he created. God asked all the angels and the gins to prostrate to us (human beings) and they all did it beside satan. He turned against God because he thought he was the best creature God ever made and didn’t want to accept that. God wanted to destroy him but satan asked for time until judgment day.


Here we see an example of how unsophisticated Muslim theology is. Angels are spirits. There is nothing physical about them. They are not made of light nor is Satan made of fire.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia, see the article:[LIST]
*]Devil[/LIST]Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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