What is the origin of the use of X to abbreviate Christmas?

Help - I have never done this before so don’t know how it works, but my son, who is a sophomore in college just sent me a Wikipedia explanation for the origin of using ‘X’ as an abbreviation for Christmas. Since the article was written with a condescending/sarcastic explanation, I thought I would double check his facts and send him back the Catholic answer. Only, I can’t find an answer to that question on any Catholic website.

So, what is the Catholic response to that and is there a website that I could refer him to that would explain it from the Catholic point of view. And if your answer supports Wikipedia, then there is no issue.

(Too bad it is so easy to readily get a secular answer but nothing from a religious standpoint when you google a question…) :confused:

So, I guess I wait for a few minutes to see if I get an answer?

The following link should answer your question about “X” as an abbreviation for Christmas. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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