What is the Orthodox response to the Catholic view of Heaven and Hell?


For the background to this question, please see the thread What is the Catholic response to the Orthodox view of Heaven and Hell? in the Eastern Catholicism forum, especially the beginning and end of the thread.




I am in no way an expert, but here is website that i found helpful.



The author of the article pretty authoritatively states that Catholics believe Hell to be a physical location rather than a state. I’m assuming that he has never read the Catechism, since that concept is nowhere to be found. The official teaching of the CC is and has always been that Hell is a condition or state, despite the fact that it is sometimes described as a place in non-official teachings.


tdgesq gave a good link in another thread.



I gave it in reference to what the orthodox believes, which is true as far as my understanding.


Thanks, Polaris.

I think the article at times merits the very same criticism that Orthodox often apply to Catholicism: namely, it’s a bit too rigid and doesn’t allow enough for alternative ideas or even alternative expressions of the same ideas. (Plus interpreting the Catholic position to rigidly, as in Fuerza’s example about Hell as a “physical place”.)

But, on the whole, I like the article quite a lot, and recommend it to my fellow Catholics, particularly anyone who is tempted to dismiss the Orthodox position as “weird”.


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