What is the plain truth about Christmas and Dec. 25th ?


Today I was given a leaflet (the title of this thread) by an employee of mine today. I own a small business where we celebrate the birth of Christ in commercial fashion during the month of December. She came to me to let me know she does not celebrate many holidays and wanted to make sure she knew that she was okay with the people she works with to go about their normal celebrations. I am sometimes put off of the over comercialization of Christmas in regards to presents, etc, but have never really thought about the gift giving back in forth to others until I listened to this person explain her beliefs of this and why her church does not celebrate December 25th like we do. I was a little embarrassed to find out that this date is not actually the true birth and needed some help in answering why we use this date to celebrate our savior and why the gift giving is such a part of it.
Please help me or direct me to an article or past post.


Hi Olph,

This article from the original Catholic Encyclopedia has what you’re looking for:


So-called Christian churches that don’t celebrate the birth of Christ don’t have much history.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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