What is the popes role?

Hi I was just wondering , what is the popes role in society ?
Also is he guided by the holy spirit an stuff ? And how can it be traced back to Peter if ifs not blood ?
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Every diocese has a bishop, the bishop is like the shepherd for the local “flock” in the area. The pope’s role is the bishop of Rome. This is the role of the pope in the Church. His role in the wider society is much more complicated and will vary from place to place, time to time, and person to person!

His teachings on faith and morals are guided by the Holy Spirit. Hopefully the rest of his life is too! :slight_smile:

The popes can be traced back to Peter, because the popes have been recorded. Whenever a pope dies, another is elected by the bishops. You cannot be a bishop or priest unless you are ordained by another bishop, with the laying of hands. Every bishop was ordained by a previous bishop, and the previous bishop was ordained by one before that. You can trace this line all the way back to the first apostles! It is an unbroken line…no bishops “appear” out of nowhere. :slight_smile:

The pope is the head of the Catholic Church. Not sure what you mean by “society,” but he is also the head of Vatican City, an independent European state.

He, along with the whole Magisterium of the Church, is infallibly guided by the Holy Spirit. As such, the pope cannot formally teach in error. This does not mean that the pope cannot sin, or that he cannot make mistakes. However, when he declares that something is true doctrine, we know that he speaks for Christ, Who is the Truth.

St. Peter the Apostle was named head of the Church by Jesus (see Matthew 16:16-18). Eventually, Peter began to preach and teach in Rome. He exercised his apostolic authority from Rome, where he eventually became a martyr.

Bishops in general are made bishops by the laying on of hands by other bishops. (See, e.g. 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6.) At the death of the pope, a group of important clergy called the College of Cardinals will gather together and decide who the new pope will be. That person will become bishop of Rome, and the new leader of the Church.

Hope that answers your questions.

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