What is the position of the Catholic church on Islam, according to the Sola Scriptura?


Hi, I was asked by a Reformist this question,:What is the position of the Catholic church on Islam, referring to a Sola Scriptura stand. What is the Catholic position apart from man made creeds and catechism?"

I know that ‘sola scriptura’ = ‘scripture alone’, but i’m not sure what he’s asking. Can someone explain to me what this sola scriptura is and its relationship to our RCC? Or direct me to a book, or website (other than wikipedia).



This question is nonsensical on a number of points.

(1) The Catholic Church rejects “sola scriptura” as a heresy. Therefore, She has no “sola scriptura” position on Islam or anything else.

(2) Islam did not exist until the 600s AD. Therefore, there can be no “sola scriptura” position on Islam.


I completely agree. This reminds me of another conversation I was involved in on another website. The original post was (and I know we’re not to discuss candidates, but I’m not discussing, just mentioning him in passing) “Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?” Yes, the poster was serious. She was a fundamentalist Christian, and claimed to have seen “proof” of this on different websites :rolleyes: In the ensuing conversation, many posters (all fundamentalists) insisted that the book of Revelation “said” that the Anti-Christ would be “a muslim and from the east” (nevermind that Obama isn’t a muslim and is from the United States). It was pointed out by several people that Islam didn’t exist when John wrote Revelation, but that point was never addressed by the OP or those in agreement with her. The only conclusion I could come to is that with some fundamentalists, EVERYTHING, past, present, and future, is in the Bible, you just have to “interpret” it correctly. You just have to figure out what in the Bible is symbolic of Islam. Obviously, the Catholic Church doesn’t take this stance, so, no we don’t have a “position” on Islam via Sola Scriptura, but then again, she doesn’t have a “Sola Scriptura position” on anything.

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Your “reforminst” inquirer is misinformed about Catholicism. None of the doctrines of Catholicism are from scripture or are “man-made”. All of Catholic teaching comes from Jesus, through the Apostles, and was complete and entire before a word of the NT was written. The Creeds, derived from Apostolic Teaching, are the Teaching of Jesus, and not “man-made”. The catechism is an attempt to put the Teachings in a form that is easily accessible in today’s world.

Ask your reformist friend to log on here. There are several good threads running. It sounds like he/she wants to know what the Catholic Church believes about Islam, because the Bible does not talk about Islam. This, as a matter of fact, is one reason that Jesus built a Church, and why we are not “Sola Scriptura”. There are some matters of faith that cannot and are not addressed in the Bible. This is the function of the Church. He can find the answer to his question in the catechism, even if it is “man made”.


The question makes no sense.



thanks everyone, no wonder i had no idea what this guy was asking, i will ask him to join this site. thanks alot :slight_smile:


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