What is the Procedure for Eastern Orthodox Conversion, to the Catholic Church?

An EO friend, desires to convert to from his Eastern Orthodox Church to The Catholic Church. He has asked me the following questions, which I am asking here due to a lack of knowledge:

  1. Does a person who is Baptised and Confirmed as Eastern Orthodox, need to go trough RCIA before becoming Catholic? Do they need to be baptised or confirmed in the Catholic Church?
  2. Is it true that all such a person needs to do is make a profession of faith, and notify bishops of their change in Church membership?
  3. Are there any church documents (CCC or any others) which explains this procedure?

Please advise,
Thank you!

  1. No, they do not need to receive any sacraments of initiation since they already validly received them in the Eastern Orthodox Church. While RCIA is not strictly required they should receive doctrinal and spiritual preparation according to each one’s condition.

  2. Yes, they simply need to make a profession of faith to enter the Catholic Church. The Eastern Christian recites the Nicene Creed and adds: “I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.” When a member of the Eastern Orthodox Churches becomes a Catholic he is automatically enrolled in the most closely related Eastern Catholic Church. So if someone was Ukrainian Orthodox and became Catholic he would then be considered a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. This happens automatically, even if he is received into the Catholic Church by the local Latin Church pastor.

  3. This process is governed by canons 35 & 896-901 of the Code of Canon Law of the Eastern Churches.

The easiest manner for this to take place is for an Eastern Orthodox member to contact the nearest corresponding Eastern Catholic Church. If that is not practical, he may go through the local Latin Church parish but that parish must notify the legitimate Eastern Catholic authority for that territory. If he wishes to become a member of the Latin Church he would need to complete a separate process.

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