What is the procedure for the Catholic Church recognizing my marriage?

Hi, in March 2014 it will be mine and my husbands 10th wedding anniversary. We are still very much in love. We were not married in the church and I think that’s both of our biggest regrets. We were married in a non denominational chapel, both of us are catholic. Since our children were born we have been faithfully attending mass, being involved in the church, both our kids attend the catholic school. We really want the church to recognize our marriage I think we will both feel better about it. My question is what is the procedure for this? Is this treated as a “wedding” or vow renual or is it a blessing? Any info will help…


Its a relatively simple process and I would encourage you to approach your parish priest to get the ball rolling on this. Essentially you would provide your records of sacraments (baptism, 1st communion, confirmation), your record of civil marriage, and satisfy whatever the local requirements are to prove that you are free to marry (i.e. not previously married). After that, you would simply do some paperwork that shows you understand and agree to the Catholic understanding of marriage.

One everything is completed (it doesn’t take long) you would arrange for a time to exchange the wedding vows of the Church in front of a priest/deacon and two witnesses. Its a simple and humble ceremony, it does not include Mass or elaborate prayers.

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