What is the process of becoming a priest?


What is the process of becoming a priest?

What would I take in college? What would I be doing in seminary? What if I also wanted to be a teacher?

I am currently a junior in high school.


Seminaries take in men from all sorts of intellectual backgrounds, from philosophy to engineering.

It would depend on the seminary, but you’d take philosophy, theology, and maybe Latin. Most priests I think get an M.Div.

As a priest, your first and foremost role would be to be a priest. There are some orders that have priests teach, such as the Dominicans and Jesuits, but you would be a priest first, and your priestly duties would come before your teaching.

As for the process itself, it can take anywhere from 7-11 years, depending on who you discern with.


ask your diocese vocations director. he or she will be able to help with all questions

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If you enter from high school, you would normally do 4 years of philosophy, followed by 4 of theology.

If you enter from college, you would most likely do 2 years of philosophy and then 4 years of theology.


There are still a handful of minor seminaries in operation in North America. Used to be a lot more, but if you have the ability to go to one of them, it might you see your vocation more clearly.

Certainly a good preparation for a high school kid, and not a waste either if you decide not to go further.


One can even just contact their local Vocations Director- it can never hurt


I’m confused. So is it ever required to go to a secular university before going to seminary?


Some dioceses prefer it, but there is no set-in-stone requirement, no.




Please then, speak to the vocations Director in your Diocese.

It’s so much better then asking online.

You can E-mail the Diocese vocations director


Four years of college, followed by four years of seminary. There are also college seminaries, such as Conception Seminary College,which provide a four year college degree with an emphasis on the studies that will be needed for seminary.

The way to begin is to contact your Diocesan vocations director. You can probably find him listed on the diocesan web site. Give him a call. I have to say that some dioceses are more encouraging than others. At least that’s my impression.


Are there still ANY programs where a young man can start seminary studies in high school. I know WAY back that was possible and done.


There are still a handful of high school seminaries around, but there used to be a lot more.

And not “way back”, a lot of guys who are my contemporaries are alumni of schools like St. Fidelis here in Pennsylvania.which have since closed.


As for high school seminaries, I think the general consensus is that it is better for adolescents to achieve at least a bit of maturity before entering seminary (which is why some dioceses and religious orders will not accept anyone without at least a college degree). The same is also true of women’s religious orders. I don’t think there are any more high school aspirancies, at least in the US. And some congregations will not admit women without at least a college degree.


Well it was at least 45 years ago when our oldest brother dropped out of the public high school to attend Seminary. That particular Seminary is now closed and has been for MANY years.

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