What is the proper way to acquire a relic?


Thanks in advance for the help. I have read several threads and posts on this site dealing with how NOT to come by a relic. Namley buying one from ebay or otherwise. So how do you legitamately get one? SHOULD you try to get one?

My situation is that we have 4 boys. I have caught myself hoping, even praying, that none of them ever becomes a priest. Given my more recent openness to the possibility, I am getting a small statue of St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests, to put in the hall between their bedrooms. Not trying to put a spell on them so that at least one of them hears a call, but more that they will open to the call should it come. Also, on my own behalf as sort of a reparation for the error of my ways and to remind me to trust in God’s will. I thought that a relic of this great priest and saint, if I can come by one might also be beneficial for all of us. So how do I get one or should I just stick with the statue?

Thanks and God Bless.



The best way to acquire a Relic is for someone to give one to you. You can also find them in antique stores and on eBay. Buying them to keep others from dishonoring them is not wrong. They should not be sold. That does not say they cannot be bought for the right reasons. But one action feeds the other.

At a shrine about a week ago, I saw in one collection in a frame about 8 1/2 by 11 the Relics of all 12 Apostles together. I thought wow I love to have that. Then I thought but this way many more people can venerate them.

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