What is the purpose of our resurrected bodies?

Hi. I’m wondering if someone can tell me what the purpose will be of having a resurrected body (as opposed to existing in spirit form) at the End of Days? Are we to go off and repopulate the Earth? Will we need to eat? Will we need shelters to protect us from the elements? Will we need technology? Etc.


The purpose is that we are not complete without our bodies. Human persons are a composite of body and soul. While our souls can exist without the body, they are not complete in their nature as human souls without the body. The resurrection of our bodies will serve the purpose of fulfilling our chosen destiny, whether that be with God in heaven or without him in hell.

Whether or not we will eat, I don’t know. I don’t think we’ll need protection or repopulate.


Peter Kreeft has an excellent book that addresses this and related topics:



I agree with both of them

Oooh I’m gonna look up that book .

Adam’s sin brought bodily death, trampled by Christ’s death, so its punishment is not for ever. A living body is the perfection of the body.

Once human always human…humanity has, from creation, had a soul and a body…the once human always human coupled with the incarnation is the impetus for the contention of why the second person of the Holy Trinity was resurrected with a glorified body; before the incarnation he was spirit only, and divine only, after the incarnation the Son had a human nature in Jesus.

I suggest you read Frank Sheed’s Theology for Beginners.

Humans are a union of body and soul. Angels are pure spirit. We were not made to be pure spirit. Our souls animate a body. We are separated from our bodies until the resurrection. We will be reunited with our bodies because that is what it means to be human beings.

We do not know. However, Jesus does mention we will not marry or be given in marriage, so I don’t believe reproduction will be part of the picture.

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To praise God.

In regards to your other questions, I dont think so. I think we’ll be just praising God and simply basking in His presence once His Kingdom comes.

I think they’ll be something more, but we’ll also be able to always adore God. It’s a mystery.

Thank you, all.

Because, we are body and soul. We will be just like the Resurrected Christ, body and soul.

First rule, read ALL of the Kreeft!!!

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1 John 3:2

“Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.”

Very little is known about the Age After Time. There are vague references but nothing substantial. We know that we’ll have perfect bodies, a New Heaven, and a New Earth. But not much else.

Here’s my Guess:
Humanity will spread throughout the cosmos and inhabit every galaxy and planet. I believe we’ll still utilize technology to some degree. The only problem moving forward, as I see it, is that our population is infinitely small when compared to the number of planets… If we cannot multiply anymore, this would be an impediment to future colonization.

I’m confused. In 1 Peter 3:18 it says that Jesus was put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit. 1 Corinthians 15:45 says the first man, Adam, became a living being and the last Adam became a life-giving spirit. That suggests Christ no longer has a flesh body. He’s a spirit.

A little bit of Catharism mixed with a bit of Docetism some Apollinarianism thrown in for good measure?

Christ is fully human and fully divine. He lived in a real human body, He walked and talked and ate with his disciples as a real glorified human after his resurrection. His real glorified human body is now in heaven.

We shall be raised and our human bodies will be glorified as his was/is.

To deny this is to follow heresy.

I hope we can eat. Cake especially.

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Yah, and ice cream

LOL. None of the above. And kudos for making me pull out my dictionary.

Let me get this straight:

I die and get judged by God. Providing all is well, I go to purgatory then on to Heaven. Good times.

I bask in heaven and do all my heavenly pleasures. Lalala…frolicking about in fields with Jesus etc etc

Suddenly, I am put back in an incarnation (as it would just be bones) of my physical body. I am rejudged and then … possibly have to either repopulate the Earth or get sent back to Heaven?

Not being funny guys but that is a complete nightmare if I’m sent back to Earth and a waste of time if I’m only going to be going back to Heaven. Once I die, I want that to be it. Boom…in Heaven for eternity.

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