What is the purpose of praying for specific needs?


I have sort of come to accept that my life is going to be a huge crapfest for the foreseeable future. If you read my very sad post, the day I joined, you would know I mentioned that have no job, no car, and no money. Yes, all through fault of my own.
I have many successful friends who prayed for a husband, got one, prayed for a job, got one, prayed for a baby, got one, and so forth. I have always prayed for them, but since my life has become so crummy, I have really started to resent the fact that it seems that while I pray for them, they must not be praying for me, because I have nothing beyond the barest of essentials. Or, do prayers for specific wants in our life have no effect at all? My cousin said that my friends have not necessarily received what they have through my prayers. So…if prayers have no effect, why do we pray for things and wants rather than just praying devotions such as the Rosary? My prayers seem to have only the effect of pulling me out of disaster, such as today, I was driving my cousin’s car and almost got in an accident and prayed and did not get in one. Things like that. When God answers my prayers, it seems to only be to narrowly avert what would put me in complete ruin. :crying:
Is it wrong to pray for anything for myself other than God’s will? And if so, why is God’s will, uh, so much different for other people than for myself? I don’t even know what to pray for anymore.:nope:


You and me both.

Here’s how I see it. If DH and I had everything we needed, we might become too independent of God. As it is, we have to ask for absolutely everything, and when we actually do have what we need, we are extremely grateful. (Thank You, God, for a third of a tank of heating oil. Thank You for pork chops for $1.99 a pound. Thank You for a day’s work that lets me pay a bill.) In better times, these things might go unnoticed - taken for granted.

He’s teaching us to stick to Him like glue, and to trust Him for all we need. I think it’s OK to ask for specific things, but always be open to the possibility that He has something else in mind, and that He loves us more than we love ourselves. “Help me to trust You,” is a great prayer. In the grand scheme of things, having this kind of relationship with God is way more valuable than the fulfillment of our earthly desires and even our temporal needs.

I also keep in mind the quote in my signature below. No matter how bad things get here in this life, it’s only temporary. Heaven is forever.



It is something that i have pondered about a lot as well. But if i can give you a suggestion, catholicmatch and catholicsingles are good websites. I have yet to find my husband but i have met some good people on them.



I can understand your frustration. In many ways I can join into the “Why me” party, but I thank God that I am at least partly out of that hole.

Perhaps reading some biographies of saints will help. It is interesting to see how often they felt just so out of touch with what they saw to be the good things of life only to discover that God had something better for them.

When we make comparisons to our contemporaries we can always find examples of people who seem to be more blessed than we are. Prayer is often the way of getting used to what God wants for us, rather than getting God to give us what we think we need.

When the ceiling seems like brass and that our prayers seem to be unheard, it is a test of faith. Tests are not always pleasant but they are the way we discover the truth. We need to follow through and pray through the darkness and then we can rejoice in the light.


responding to question posed in thread title: the purpose of prayer for specific needs is first in obedience to Christ’s injunction to pray to the Father for what we need, and the general purpose of all prayer, to bring our wills into conformity with God’s Will. The Our Father says it all.


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