What is the reall difference between worship and invoke?


i want to know that what is the real difference between worship and invoke?i am a new christian from a muslim country.just half million christian live there&maximum of them is protestant.and some muslims want to say that invoke and worship is same.so pls tell me the reall difference between invoke and worship?i want to know just catholic view point.cuz they invoke marry


I don’t know what you mean by invoke. It is not a term that is used by anyone I know.


catholics pray to marry.i am not sure but some ppl tell it.so i wanted to know that wat is it?in the artical of non catholic religion claimed that catholics worship marry.when i rejected it then 1 user asked me a question."don’t catholic pray to marry?"thats why i am asking is it true that catholics pray to marry?if yes then is it worship?


morning_star, I think the word you mean is “intercession” as in asking the Blessed Mother to intercede for us (“invoke” is sometimes used in older written prayers). These three articles should help you better understand and explain to others the Catholic belief and practice:




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