What is the reason behind Non-Catholic Christians attacking the doctrines of the Catholic Church?

What is the reason behind Non-Catholic Christians attacking the doctrines of the Catholic Church? In my experience offline. Most Non-Catholic Christians seem to be more tolerate towards Catholic faith than those “online.” I had a Soldier (Non-Catholic Christian) who came to my unit recently and I complained about the constant assaults by so called “Bible Christians” or Fundamentalists, and he said. That is wrong and people of diferent faith shouldn’t be attacked by those who disagree with their faith.

I also pointed out that Catholics (offline) do not go out and tell Protestants that they are wrong, unless the Protestant attacks their faith. That usually result in Catholics to defend their faith and point out the errors of Protestantism. Catholics who are faithful to the Church are very defensive, and an attack on their faith is frown upon.

It seems like we are living in the times that let me live my religion and you live your religion. the Truth does not seem to matter anymore. it all seems this way.

it is either One Truth for all and all must submit to it or let’s all live in peace and dont bother each other with your religion. i dont know what is really going on.

as long as the CC continues to affirm the Truth of Jesus to all people, the protestant is going to attack. that is ok with me as long as the CC continues to tell others the Truth entrusted to Her.


Alot of these people have 2 personas. Their online one, and their real life one.

Many people think they can hide behind a computer screen and don’t have to be accountable because they can’t be traced. (ultimately they can, but in most cases, who cares) Whereas in person, they would be.

Also, in online situations, you cannot “hear” the tone of the comment. So, in some cases, an innocent comment or question can be misconstrued. (Doesn’t happen often, but I do see it on occasion)

Now, to me, the other side of that coin is. Even with the negative comments or attitudes, it is a chance for us as Catholics to set them straight. (with charity of course)

A prime example of what you are talking about is a woman we had join the Church at Easter Vigil 2009.

It took her 4 tries to make it through. She came from an evangelical Baptist background, and her son was a minister. (He provided tremendous support to her through her journey).

Anyway, we finally got her through, and into the Church. She lasted a little over a week after the Vigil.

Like so many people do, they go out for breakfast after church on Sunday. She would sit with friends from our church (Catholic), and her hold Baptist church. Well, the Baptist friends were always super nice in person, but then we found out they were emailing her with all sorts of garbage. (and I really do mean GARBAGE).

Ultimately, they got the best of her, and she went back to the Baptist church.

The funny thing is, I got ahold of some of the emails,(she copied me in) and have confronted the ladies about them. (nicely of course) I merely explained to them that many of the things they stated in their emails were wrong, and I would be more than happy to provide them the correct information.

I have never seen so many shades of Red on a person in my entire life. lol

Anyway, long story short, the lady is still with the Baptist church, her son, the minister has even preached on what happened (without mentioning names). He invited me, and several members of our RCIA team to his services, and he has been to ours.

Even though she went back to the Baptist church, it did open up channels of communication and understanding between that congregation and ours. So I guess it did work out for the best in some sense.

It’s like what Abp. Fulton Sheen said:

Few people in America hate the Catholic religion,
but there are many who hate what they mistakenly believe is the Catholic religion
–and if what they hate really were the Catholic religion,
Catholics would hate it too.
Bishop Fulton Sheen

Good point.

He is originally from our Diocese. The Diocese of Peoria, Illinois

It was sooooo cool watching the Mass where his cause was submitted to Rome.

If you’re so sure that Tradition is infallible and the Pope is Christ’s vicar on earth, why do you care? You can laugh at all us heretics while we chill in purgatory for a few millenia.

Boy, this one comes so close to home here, I have a prime example here:


The OP of that thread is banned from the site due to simply because they “I”, was discussing Mary in their so called “Catholic” section. The reason, the fundamentalist moderators there are in complete ignorance about what we believe and cannot even back up their claims with any kind of a basis, of which if the latter was in place, would at least opened up the dialog to get them to realize the error of their stance., This is a prime example of closed minded bigotry in it’s pure form. I love my Protestant brethren, but man, some of them give protestants a very bad name. Glad to see some Catholics stepped in, in my place afterward. Where is the “Grace” in Grace Centered Forums, it’s so nice having CAF, we would never abuse our authority like they did there?

I joined an online group that claimed to be nondenominational. Well, that wasn’t true. As I was searching their different forums, the creator of the site had a forum “explaining” the Catholic beliefs, and why they were false and against God. He took many things from the catechism, and ranted pages of actual hate. The thing is, his “ideas” were totally wrong. I posted him that his information was wrong, and I got a hate-filled answer. He stated I was to be quiet and agree to be on the site. Needless to say, I left that site, and found CAF—thanks be to God.

We’re glad you’re here!!!

There are several sites out there like what you speak of. From your description it sounds like CARM.

One nice thing about this forum is that it does give a chance for individuals to provide differing opinions, and discuss them. Even if it can get a bit heated at times.

What doctrines?

You been here for a while, you should know what are the doctrines of the Church. I’ll name the top 5 doctrines Protestants have.

  1. Papal Infallibility: Most Non-Catholic Christians have a misunderstanding of this doctrine. Many assumed that Papal Infallibility implies that the Pope is impeccable. However, infallibility is merely a doctrine which prevents the Church from teaching erroneous doctrines through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Perpetual Virginity of Mary: Most Non-Catholic Christians believe Mary remain a virgin before the birth of her son. They believe that Mary and Joseph have other children and take the word “brother and sister” as literal.

  3. Images and Icons: Many Non-Catholics believe Catholics worship idols.

  4. Purgatory: Non-Catholic Christians reject this solely because they believe that it cheapens the sacrifice that Jesus made at the cross and that it is not found in Scripture. Catholics, on the other hand says it is implied in Scripture.

  5. The Eucharist. the majority of Protestants reject the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

Because, at its heart, the one thing all Protestants can agree on is that the Catholic Church is wrong. They can’t agree on the nature of God (Trinitarian or Oneness; is Christ human, Deity or both?), on Soteriology (OSAS or no? Is Baptism necessary? Free will [Arminian] or pre-destined [Calvinism]?), Eschatology (Is the end near? Amillennial, Pre-Millennial or Post-Millennial? Rapture or no?), moral theology (is abortion sinful? masturbation? homosexual activity? drinking alcohol? etc.), methods of worship or anything else. Just ask an Anglican, a Baptism, a Methodist, a Lutheran, a Presbyterian, a Non-Denominational–in fact, ask members of each sect of each branch–and they all hold very different conceptions of what it means to believe in Christ, to be Saved, to be a ‘good Christian’, etc.


In order to keep Protestantism from completely self-destructing ending up in a sectarian mess greater than the current one, they must have something to unify around. That something is that a belief that the Catholic Church is wrong.

I love this quote (from one of my best friends, and dearly-loved Bible-thumping evangelical non-denominational!): “Christians and Catholics are completely different.”

It followed with a twenty-minute diatribe concerning the absolute insanity of the statement and then a lengthy debate on the different things I believe and she believes. Surprisingly (for her), we found we had a lot in common!

However, one of her major objections, despite my continual attempts to explain it to her, is salvation through works. I even quoted scripture (something that annoys me with evangelicals, so I tend not to memorize any) citing “whatever you do to the lowliest of men, you do unto me” as justification for salvation through works (which has as an inherent requirement that pesky faith thing) and she still said that all you need is faith, and that things like charity are not necessary. :rolleyes: So I posed the logical proof of her statements: “you are condemned for what you do (ie Sin), but never rewarded for what you do (Grace)” (interesting tidbit, her last name is Grace) and she still denied it, going so far as to call me a heretic. After reminding her that heretic is a uniquely Catholic/Orthodox distinction that she really had no justification to use, I politely ended the debate.

Nsper is right when he says protestants may disagree on a lot, but they are generally united in denouncing the Catholic Church. A faith rooted in denial stays in denial, I’m afraid, and we must simply pray for all Protestants to find the seeds of truth that remain in their faith and follow them to the fullness of truth.


Aren’t you leaving the Catholic church for the Orthodox church?

After re reading your OP it appears that you are complaining about online criticism, is that right? If so then this forum is for nonCatholic religions which leads me to believe that those who are nonCatholic will afirm what they believe and debate what they dont. Does that make sense?
If you are refering to offline activities all I can say is I am more in your face about religion than probably 98% of those out there, yet I dont criticise the Catholic Church except when I have made my beliefs known and Catholics become in your face about theirs. Case in point. I visited my aunt several weeks ago and I misplaced my cell phone. When we were looking for it I said my silent prayer to God to ask for His help my aunt told me of a story where a nonCatholic friend lost sombething years ago and she asked St Antony for help and ended up giving $1 to the poor box after she found it. Well I find my cell phone and my aunt says she will put a $1 in the poor box I think well thats her business. She keeps bring up how St Anthony helped find the cell phone and how she will put a $1 in the poor box telling others and continually bringing it up. Finally I said firmly that I had prayed to God that I dont need an intermediator becase of the work that Christ did on the cross and that it was God who helped.

It appears all the threads you start criticise Protestants. Not protestant beliefs but protestants. Do you not believe we are brothers and sisters in Christ?

I think you may be a little confused here.

The Pope is infallible when teaching on Faith and Morals.

Would you agree with me that there is a distinction between “disagreeing” and “attacking”? And that this distinction is found in methods, and desired results?
If the methods are without malice and polemics, and the desired results are at least better relations and eventually reconciliation, this cannot reasonably be termed “attack”.


Originally Posted by Nominefili
If you’re so sure that Tradition is infallible and the Pope is Christ’s vicar on earth, why do you care? You can laugh at all us heretics while we chill in purgatory for a few millenia.

And only when speaking ex cathedra.

Originally Posted by Nominefili
You can laugh at all us heretics while we **chill in purgatory **for a few millenia./

If you, like me, were never Catholic, then you are not considered a heretic.
From what I hear Catholics say about Purgatory, the term “chill” may be the opposite of what’s to be expected. :smiley:

Disagreement is alright but attacking the is the problem I have. A Protestant can tell me his beliefs that he was taught and he can disagree with the Catholic Church teachings.

However, when that changes to like. “Your church is apostate, you need to leave the CC because it is the harlot. The woman in Revelation 17, etc, or the claimed that “Your church” is adopted pagan rituals.” These claims are based on bias opinions and they are ignorant of the faith. They also gave said they have much to say because they are Ex-Catholics. Really? I mainly receive these arguments from the traditions of the so-called Evangelical, Born-Again Christians, aka Bible Christians or some non-Denomination.

The other Protestants like Lutherans never said anything close to those I mention.

I have thought about but I decided to remain Catholic. I have not no problems with Eastern Orthodox since I do believe that in the future they will eventually be united with the Catholic.

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