What is the reason behind the drop in abortions numbers?


In 1990 there were performed 1,6 million legal abortions vs. 2016 with approx. 900 000 in America.
Do any of you know the reasons behind this significant drop?



I SINCERELY hope it’s because people are SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING it is nothing but MURDER! Also I think showing the ultrasounds to the women before they undergo the procedure many change their minds when they see it’s NOT a blob of tissue. Oh and I hope it’s because as a human race we are gaining a conscience of life instead of death.


I’m assuming whether we like it or not, the availability of birth control has a part in this amongst other reasons. Also the stigma of being a single mom/having kids outside of marriage seems to not be as bad now, which is why pregnant women might choose life now


Praise Jesus.

There seems to be an odd attitudinal shift away from abortion at the same time there a greater approval of non marital sexual activity.

We also know a lot more about embryonic development now than we did when RVW was ruled.


There isn’t one reason. It’s a mixture of things and with a federal system, an extra layer of complexity is added.
In the US, attitudes toward abortion haven’t shifted. A number of states have made abortion clinics harder to operate. You also have some states making Plan B (DIY abortion pill) more available or its usage has increased. There are claims a slightly smaller proportion of teens are having sex and obviously that will have an effect. Stigma was already mentioned by Lea. They all play a role but how much is hard to know.


Or more bluntly, people are getting better at not getting pregnant. There’s a greater awareness of how to avoid.


Cost. That and women have no need for men anymore. Buy your baby online, or one further, conjure up a testube and scientist to carry you into genetically modified bliss.




Intentionally snuffing the life out of a child during the zygotic stage tends to prevent pregnancy.


There’s also evidence that people (those born between 1982-2002…the most fertile) are having considerably less sex than those in the previous generation.

So we have fewer people having sex, more awareness of “safe” sex, more early chemical forms to end a pregnancy and the social ability to raise children without a partner.


Sadly, it is probably not for right reasons, but plummeting birthrates/ rates of pregnancy and the popularity of birth control.


As does preventing the egg and sperm from meeting.


These are two different, although related concepts.
Preventing the sperm and egg from meeting is contraception.
Causing the death of a fertilized egg (zygote) is abortion.


Do you see a difference between preventing implantation vs actions against a embryo that’s already implanted?


I think one prevents pregnancy. That would be the contraception issue. Deliberately choosing to selfishly accept the “benefits” of an action while ignoring or thwarting the procreate purpose of the action.

The other is deliberate murder of a brand new human life.

Because of the newness of the life, often early murder is sometimes conflated with contraception.

It is unclear whether modern statistics makes this distinction, and with easier availability of chemical murder, may skew the statistics. As noted, unclear whether this is happening or not.


Do you mean on a biological basis? Yes, because for the first five days of our lives we aren’t “attached” to anybody and we subsist on whatever is already in the egg. We don’t “eat” yet.
But around day five we implant into our mother’s uterine lining. We won’t grow any further if we fail to implant, and then we will die, because we have no source of nourishment.


Both are an abortion


Increase in condom/ Pill Use

  1. Social stigma of bring an unmarried mother has declined (and in some areas stigma of having an abortion has increased)
  2. Abortions are less available now than they used to be. In some states there are huge geographic areas where the clinics that do them are few and far between. Laws that require the woman make multiple visits to a clinic before she can have the abortion also increase the difficulty of getting one, especially if the clinic is far away.


Efforts of pro-life groups shouldn’t be overlooked. As with prayers.

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