What is the reason behind the drop in abortions numbers?


Interesting! I believe from a medical standpoint medication induced abortions were possibly not accounted for in this source. The language stated “induced abortions” however, the meaning behind that could be several fold. To my knowledge any form of abortion is “induced” in some form or it would not be an abortion. There was no content that stated/cited “Medication induced abortion.” Medication induced abortion is very popular such as the morning after pill. The abortion pill is also more “cost effective”. (Cheaper)

To my understanding (This may be incorrect.) the abortion pill is First choice and more popularized for may reasons medical wise:This is done at home, no need to explore the option to be put to sleep, less medical risks, etc. Certain states require something very simple and non burdensome such as a consent form to be filled out in a certain amount of time before/preceding the abortion, pill form or not. I personally have NOT undergone an abortion procedure of any kind or had any part in any procedure, the information I provided is just from my Law and Nursing backround/education.


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