What is the reason for this?


This might seem like an odd question, but has anyone ever had the experience of going to a established place, like an office, meeting the people there, interacting with them, and then maybe a few weeks of months later going back and that place is no longer there again?

The building it was in is still there, but the actual place itself is not there and no one knows what you are talking about? And you are definitely in the right place, and know what you are talking about, but it is like the place and the people never existed? Even though you know you were there and met them and are not crazy?

I am just curious if anyone has ever had this happen or if anyone knows why this would happen? Especially if the interactions were very basic and had no particular seeming purpose. Thanks!


It’s possible that most people were unaware of the place. Nothing to get worried over.


this happens all the time in this town, and it is so frustrating as a newcomer to be told “you can’t miss it, it is right next to the old K-Mart” (which closed 3 years before we came here

a new restaurant near us has been, in the 4 years since it was built, a BBQ joint, a Mexican buffet, Cuban cuisine, seafood place, something different every time we go there. I have been avoiding it because of road construction, but recently went by and see it is now an office of some kind, no restaurant on the property at all.

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