What is the reason some people do not believe ALL things reflect God?

Being that evil is negation, not creation, and hence all existing things and all enjoyments are surely of God?
And by ‘all’ things I include ideas and fiction.

Your assertion that all created things are good Is false. All things created by God are good.

But humans have free will for good or evil, and our disordered nature post-fall leads many to believe that evil is good.

Man creates pornography, for example. Man creates machines of torture. Man creates many horrible things, many horrible ideas are born from man’s imagination. They are not good, not of God. God tells us to set our thoughts on higher things! Things above (heaven)(Colossians 3:2) not on things below (earthly things).

Man creates profane things in his imagination and puts pen to paper, or brush to canvas, or hand to clay to express those profane ideas. They are not good. They have their source in evil thoughts.


No, not all things in this created world reflect God.
The reason!

What’s going on in Syria, Iraq, the Ukraine, parts of Africa…the cruelty, murders, bombings, kidnappings… definitely do not come from God, nor do they reflect Him. They are the acts of men. They do not reflect God but evil choices of human beings. The millions of refugees from these conflicts and atrocities are reflecting the consequences of the acts of these evil attackers. Their conditions are deplorable. The treatment of women by many in Pakistan, India, under Sharia law, is atrocious and is perpetrated mostly by males. The actions of pedophiles, abusers…etc…also do not reflect the goodness of God, only the savage rejection of God’s goodness and love, which is evil.

God is reflected in creation and in all that is good, and in the good choices of good, responsible, caring people, but not in the actions and consequences of all these who choose and perpetrate acts that are devoid of God’s love and grace.

And certainly, not all ideas in the mind or in fiction reflect God! Sadly, so many do not!~
And knowing that sinful thoughts originate as ideas, recall James 1:15:
“Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.”

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