What is the right thing to do in my situation?


Hello, all. I am a teenager and work in fast food restaurant. I close at night with one other person. There are 2 older women (by older I just mean older than me, they’re in their thirties) I usually work with and have formed a close friendship with both of them. We talk about a variety of things and confide in each other. I’ve worked there for a long time and greatly enjoy my job. We’ll call them Employee A and Employee B. Employee A is a wonderful lady, one of the kindest and most hard working people I’ve ever met. She has worked there for many many years, but is not in great favor with our boss because she tends to be a little scatter brained and my boss looks down on her for it. Employee B is fairly new, she’s been there about a year, but caught on very fast and is a very fast paced worker in general which is a valuable skill at my job. She’s also innovative and has thought of many new and efficient ways of doing things. Not only is she good at her job, but she is my boss’s niece. Just some background.

Last night, Employee B and I were working a shift together as normal, when she called her husband on the phone (she didn’t know I was listening) and informed him of her plans to call a man about buying marijuana. This isn’t a very big deal imo, so I go about my business. Some time later, a man comes to the front counter and when I go to help him she says something along the lines of “Oh no, he’s here for me go back to what you’re doing.” As I was going back to my job, I noticed her taking money in the register and putting it into her pocket. She then met the man in the lobby and paid him with the money from the register. When she came back, she told me she had to go put “something” in her car. I asked her what she had to put in her car in a way that she’d know I was suspicious. She just said “something” and I let it go. When she came back in, she did one of those voice-dictated text messages asking her aunt, my boss, if she could “borrow” money from the register. However, I think she just did this to throw me off because later on in the night she asked me to do something on her phone, and when I opened it her text messages were on the screen and she’d never sent the voice message I heard. At the end of the night, we count the drawers, and she always always insists on me going home before she does them so she is alone. We are not supposed to leave anyone alone in the store, but she is in a position of authority over me, so I do what she asks. I never thought much of it before, but now it’s starting to make sense. However, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with this information. I don’t want to be a tattle tale, especially because that’s a very serious accusation and I know that Employee B has a baby at home and losing this job would hurt her family. It would also drive a wedge between her and her aunt and probably cause family drama, which is not what I want. That’s if my boss even believes me over her niece. I also feel uneasy knowing that she’s done this though. I don’t know if I should confront her personally because it would make things awkward between us especially if I some how misunderstood the situation. I’ve debated telling Employee A but I’m concerned that she’ll either A) Tell employee B what I said or B) Tell my boss, who may not even believe her because she doesn’t have much regard for A’s opinion and B is her niece.

So, I’m in a sticky situation. What is your advice to me?


Your restaurant probably has an anonymous tip ine you can call. That way corporate can look into it.


Are you dependant on this income? Or is this just spending money for you?

You also have to realize you are going to end up being a very small piece in the drama. Unless the owner is a really stand up guy, no matter what you say is going to matter. Do what think is right and let the chips fall. But keep in mind this owner will probably side with his niece. You aren’t responsible for that, so don’t feel guilty about it.


yes, this would be a good option.

unfortunately you are right and that"i saw her do it" is not likely to get you very far. I wouldn’t get person A involved though. it’s not really any of her business.

the only thing you could do I think is to talk to person B about it, if you chose to. that would be the most professional. however, she may not react well to be confronted

there is one thing that does worry me though, is that since you’re working with her, she might try to put this on you. unless the restaurant has really good cameras. is possible for you to get shifts with someone else?


You are in a dangerous situation. Any blame is very likely to be shifted onto you. I would be looking for another job, if I were you.


What I would do would probably be based on whether or not there is a camera on that register. Probably the best option would be to call the corporate tip line, if there is one. They will contact the franchise owner and she will review the video and decide what she wants to do with her niece. If there isn’t a tipline where you can report what you saw anonymously, the next best thing would be to address the issue of her asking you to leave the story when she balances the register. I would let your boss know that is going on and that you are uncomfortable with it, since you know it’s against the rules. You don’t need to mention the stealing or the drug deals. Let your boss figure it out herself.


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