What is the role of Eucharistic Ministers?

Can you direct me to the specific Rubric, rule, or directive that defines the duties of a Eucharistic Minister? In particular, can Eucharistic Ministers give blessings in the communion line. I have read other posts that speak in generalities but if this is not allowed I would like concrete information to take to my Priest.
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The basic outline of the duties of an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion can be found in the USCCB’s Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass.

As for blessings by EMHC, the Congregation for Divine Worship and Disciple of the Sacraments issued a statement:

Lay people, within the context of Holy Mass, are unable to confer blessings. These blessings, rather, are the competence of the priest (cf. Ecclesia de Mysterio, Notitiae 34 (15 Aug. 1997), art. 6, § 2; can. 1169, § 2; and Roman Ritual De Benedictionibus (1985), n. 18).

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