What is the Septuagint for priest


What is the Greek word the Septuagint for priest?

Is it used in the N. T.?


There seems to be several Greek words translated as “Priest”





These are used in the NT…NT references are shown on the linked pages.



JRKH, thanks for that info and the linked website information. One day when I’m smart enough, maybe I can use it. How handy.


You are welcome. It’s been of great use to me over the years. Especially when talking with protestants - since Strong’s concordance is not a Catholic source…but it seems to be a very good one for questions like this.



We might note that the New Testament uses different words for the ministers in the Church–overseers (episcopoi) and elders (presbyteroi), plus ministers or deacons (diakonoi). Indeed, “priest” in English comes not from the Latin or Greek words for priest, such as sacerdos and hiereus, but from presbyteros.




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