What is the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?


Many strange things have happened to me in my life… I don’t know which is the strangest. But… well, maybe this is the strangest:

Years ago, I was going through Hell (long story - broken relationships, etc…). My faith in God and my relationship with Him had been obliterated (a psychopath was demanding all my time/attention…and etc, etc…). I didn’t believe in the rosary, didn’t believe it would do one good thing for me, didn’t “have time for it”, had a bzillion other “important” things to do… didn’t feel like bothering with it… but picked it up & prayed it anyway… To this day, i have NO idea WHY… :confused:

Long story short… it changed my whole life.

it made me a Christian.

Well, i suppose i already was one… (?) but a very weak one…

i guess you could say the rosary made me a Christian, OBJECTIVELY speaking… one who practices (attempts to practice) what Christ teaches… I wasn’t "in the Church at that time… but got led there eventually).’

So what is the strangest thing that has ever happened to YOU (doesn’t have to be religion-oriented)…


Perhaps one of the strangest things to happen to me was when I was walking home from school and I was really thirst. I asked God to quench my thirst and He, in His Mercy, suddenly made a cup of hot chocolate appear at my feet. I picked it up, said thanks, and drank it.

There are more strange things, but I don’t want to talk about them. I want to remain humble.


hmm, my strangest thing has been solved. I lost my cup of chocolate. :smiley: j/k


St. Anthony, pray for us.


He helped me on few occasions. :slight_smile:


St. Anthony is one of our favorite saints. Many times he as helped us find lost things. I can’t think of a specific time but often things had been missing for days or weeks and after praying to St. Anthony we’d find it within minutes in a totally innocent way (i.e. not searching, just going about our business). It’s become so regular that now when someone says “I can’t find such and such” we immediately pray to St. Anthony to save time and effort. :slight_smile:

God bless us everyone!

(Saint In Training)


I was walking from my dorm to my Calc 2 final exam, panicking because I had lost my note card (the professor allowed us to bring one 5x7 card with us). Dejected, I hung my head and trudged along. Then I saw it. Sticking out of the snow, a 5x7 note card with someone else’s Calc 2 notes written all over it. Before the exam started, I asked if anyone had lost their card, but nobody had, so I kept it.

Sadly, I still failed the exam. lol


My mom has these sort of things happen all the time. When she first started having her conversion to a deeper faith–after years of being a lukewarm Catholic–Catholic brochures would appear in her house out of nowhere.

for example, she’d have a question about “resurrection of the body,” and then on her coffee table, she’d find a tract about it. It didn’t come in the mail. My dad didn’t pick it up. It would just be there.

Two weeks ago, my dad was splitting wood with a loud gas powered wood splitter when he heard someone calling him from the house. He went inside. Mom said, “I didn’t call you. But, do you smell gas?” Sure enough there was a gas leak in the fireplace. Then, he realized that he couldn’t have heard anyone calling over the machinery in any case. They are pretty sure it was a guardian angel.


I think my guardian angel broke our furnace :smiley: .
We had just had our furnace fixed. The next night, it got really cold, and I tried to turn the thermostat on. It didn’t work. We called the business’ emergency line, and they sent a guy out. He got the thermostat working. I was in bed, and the heat was venting right near me. It smelled really funny, and I didn’t want to breath it.
My husband suddenly burst into the house and yelled for me to get out of bed … turns out the people who had fixed the furnace the night before had vented it into the house - if the thermostat hadn’t broken, and we had used the heater, carbon monoxide would have killed us. We’d have gone to sleep and never woken up.


Years ago, when I was a teen… growing up in California… my sister and I had driven up to the Palos Verdes Peninsula bluffs. The bluffs over look the Pacific Ocean. Anyone who lives there… knows what a LONG drop they are… to the ocean and rocky beach, below.

Anyway… my sister and I were walking up there, and watching the sunset. Apparently, I became mesmerized by the beauty of that sunset and got TOO close to the cliff. Suddenly, my sisters arm came out of NO WHERE (neither of us realized she was that close to me) and pulled me BACK.

It was then, that we realized… I was only INCHES away from a very sheer drop… to the rocks below. I would have been killed, for sure.

That was over 30 years ago… and we still talk about it, to this day and wonder HOW she was able to stretch out her arm so far, and be so strong as to keep me from falling.

I’ve always believed… that she had “Help”. :wink:


This is something strange that happened to me many years ago. There was a young married couple who used to live down the street from us. He was Catholic, and she was a Jew who had found Christ.

Another neighbor told me that they were poor students and used food stamps a lot.

One night, I cooked a casserole for my husband and children. Everyone ate, but there was still a lot left. All of a sudden, I got a feeling that I “should” take the casserole down the street and give it to the young couple. I argued with myself, telling myself that it was a dumb idea, and this couple might be insulted (I didn’t know them very well).

Finally, the urge won out. I grabbed the casserole, walked with it down the street, and knocked on their door.

The wife greeted me with a big smile. “I knew He’d do it!,” she kept saying. I asked her, “Who would do what?” She told me that they didn’t have any food in the house and that they were sitting there praying together that God would send them some dinner!


He’s helped me find my wallet many times:o


I was staunchly athiest all of my life and never had any religious upbringing. The only thing I knew about God was that other people believed and the only thing I knew about Jesus was that Christmas is supposed to be about Him and so is Easter… all I ever thought about was Turkey. I also remember a very religious girl I never got far with in school.

And then one day this past summer something clicked in my head. It was seemed like an instant conversion of my heart. I read about God and Jesus online for about for an entire weekend. I knew I was wrong all my life. I started praying … I must’ve been doing it wrong since I ended up with the mormons for about 4 months until the really wacky lessons started. So I considered more, decided I wasn’t a protester and that I might as well go to the source of it all. Now I have been attending mass almost daily for the past 2 weeks :slight_smile:

My new Catholic bibles arrived today and out goes the “quad”. My daughters asked me to read some to them (they like to pick a random page) so I did. And then my older daughter asked if she could pray for us, so she did. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


What a wonderful story to read – thank you for sharing this! Enjoy the adventure Christ has to offer you. :slight_smile:


I love this thread because it shows me how God talks to us through the strangeness of life. My 11 year old daughter does not believe in God having gotten the truth about Santa Claus and grown to conflate cynicism with sophistication.

I had to return a book I had borrowed from the Jesuit retreat house in Wernersville and I took her along for the ride. We walked in together and she kept the silence of the house better than some of the retreatents. When we got back into the car the first thing she said was, “When can I stay there?” I told her she had to wait until she is older. God in his silence argues more persuasively than any sermon. She may still not believe in God but she knows his voice.


Whenever I pray, I can feel my left and right brain halves - specifically those parts near my nape, but on the side a little - working together and my intellect opening up to…something. I don’t know what, but I can feel my intellect expanding or rising up, as if I’ve come in contact with some higher being while I’m praying. I know it is God, but it is so very strange.


I’ll stick to the ‘nice’ ones for this thread.

Let’s see…being adopted by young squirrels whole loved to play with me; a wild rabbit hopping onto my lap and happily receiving a petting; several times birds have come to perch on my fingers. Oh, and there was a council of ravens that accepted me when i was fairly young, and I got a pretty good understanding of their croaks and cries, and could communicate with them to an extent, just by being peaceful and interested in their conversations.

The not-so-nice ones…well, I’ll leave those out for now.


When my oldest son was 4, I was driving him to preschool. My mind was occupied by all the household chores I had to do, so I wasn’t really listening to his chatter. I was really out of sorts.

Then, I heard him pipe up, “Mommy, God wants us to think about him, not cleaning stuff.”

I was stunned. I had barely spoken a word on the trip.

Now, if only I can remember to think about God instead of ridiculous stuff like chores…


I have many, many events I could share. But I’ll stick with just one.

Several weeks ago, I was walking through my hallway and found a medal of Our Lady of Medugorje. I had been wanting a Miraculous Medal but could not afford one yet. This particular medal was put away several years ago into our storage building (which I was supposed to have cleared of any of my old pagan related stuff as penance.) and could not possibly have been anywhere in my house. But there it was in my hall floor. I talked to God about it and told him I was not sure about wearing the medal as a reminder of His love for me because I doubted the authenticity of the apparitions. This is the really good part,
Three weeks ago my husband and I decided to get rid of the storage building bill. He emptied everything out and brought it home to me so I could go through it and pare it down before moving it to a friend’s (who has agreed to let us store in his garage for free! Another prayer answered!). Among some old jewelry I found a Miraculous Medal! I had never owned this medal, never seen it before, have no idea where it had come from. I had it blessed at mass the next Sunday.
So, I got my Miraculous Medal (which appeared miraculously) and I got my penance done and Our Lord answered the prayer for help in achieving financial stability.
Don’t know about strange, but definitely wonderful.


In my early twenties I was a member of a religious order. I was having a really hard time believing that anyone loved me, including God. I was scheduled to go on a silent, directed retreat for six days. At morning Mass, we sang a song that was based on 1 John about the love of God. At the retreat when I had my first session with the priest director, I told him that I did not believe that God could love me. He gave me scripture passages to meditate on and I went to confession.

Later that night I woke up at about 1 AM with the song from Mass running through my head. Even though we had only sung two verses that morning, I was “hearing” each and every verse. I could not sleep so I got up and prayed the scripture readings that Father had given to me. The second night at the retreat, I woke up again at 1 AM with another song about the love of God running through my head. I could not get back to sleep so I got up and prayed. The third night I was suspicious. Could God really be waking me up for a reason? So I got my Bible ready for prayer, just in case I woke up again. At 1 PM, I woke up with different song about God’s love running through my head. I got up immediately and began to pray. That night I read Romans 8. As I began to read, I felt a warm pressure on my chest that seemed to be holding me in the chair. I was filled with a sure knowledge that God loved me. This lasted for about an hour. When I could finally move out of the chair, I wanted to run up and down the hallway proclaiming God’s love; however it was 2 PM and I decided to go back to bed instead.

When I am feeling down or sorry for myself, I think back to that night and remember the surety of God’s love.

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