What is the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?


I’ve recently returned to the faith after two decades of living a selfish, secular life. I had recently hit a low point in my life, was full of despair and misery and began to look into the teaching of the Church and what it means to be Catholic. I began to pray for guidance, and learned to pray the Rosary (although I’m not good at it).

One evening while I was kneeling alone, praying the Rosary, meditating on the mysteries and on what a wretched sinner I have been, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a presence in the room with me. I had a blurry vision in my mind of Jesus coming up behind me, gently and warmly placing his hands on my shoulders and comforting me, letting me know that He still loves me. I felt the warmth of His love envelop my whole body. I cried and shook uncontrollably for several minutes before I could continue with my prayer. After that I went to Confession at the first opportunity and was released from the burden of 20 years of mortal sin. And I can honestly say that since that experience I am totally free of the desire to engage in certain lustful behaviors which I had been addicted to since I was a teen.

My life is in God’s hands now. Come what may, I know that it is His will, and that His love and mercy are endless!


wow… that’s really weird…

that would probably never happen to me… If i was thristy, God would tell me to go find some water…

(I think God likes you better than me… :frowning: :smiley: )


wow… sounds like something that would happen to me… I am always misplacing things…

but as others here say… St. Anthony is a good one to call on… I can’t recall a time when that has failed… :slight_smile:


Wow… beautiful story… :slight_smile:


this brought tears to my eyes… proves the point that children are more sensitive to spiritual realities than most adults…

a great “advertizement” for adoration… I always wonder why there are so few people at adoration… :frowning:


this would be downright miraculous for me (and it is anyway… for anyone)… but it would be particulary for me since i don’t like animals being anywhere near me…

(except maybe on the dinner plate… :smiley: )


as anyone who has been to my home can attest…

i do not struggle with this problem… :smiley:


what a lovely story… I have also struggled with the issue of knowing (all the time) that God loves me… He shows me He does but i think sometimes i am too busy thinking of all that is wrong in the world to realize it…

I feel loved while @ Mass… & while praying the rosary… and @ adoration… but at other times/places, i struggle… but oh well… i just try to remind myself (when in those unholy places) that i will soon be With Him again… and try to remember the feeling i got when i was… but that is NOT easy for some reason… it seems like a totally different world… and it is…

God bless…


this reminds me of what happened when i 1st began praying the rosary… @ first, the devil seemed to be telling me to stop, that “it is too late”, that God doesnt care, that i am not “good enough for God”… but something told me to just keep praying the rosary and ignore all that… which i did… Even though i went through various “hells” as a result of breaking free of the devil’s world… (he didn’t appreciate “losing me”, to say the least)… i am so glad i didn’t listen to that discouragement… (i almost did:eek: )… I pity people who feel they are hopeless with God… and therefore, stay away from him. I felt that way until i got through several rosaries…

God bless…


WHAT? Are you serious? Hot chocolate just materialized out of thin air?


i’m not sure that is stranger than some of the other things mentioned…

Why would someone do something s/he doesn’t feel like doing, doesn’t believe in… doesn’t “have time” for, etc…

which reminds me how we all overlook “every day” miracles that are miracles nonetheless…


I’m not laughing at Eucharisted… :wink: I just was sincerely wondering.

I still would like to know if this happened the way I am imagining in my mind!:smiley:


me too… i am wondering if someone happened to put the chocolate down, in the process of going to get something or what have you??? Either way, its kind of miraculous…


This didn’t happen to me; it happened to one of my sisters. When my sister was twelve, there was an old lady who lived up the street from us. She had a twelve year old granddaughter who often came to visit her. My sister would go up to play with the granddaughter. There was a room in the house that had belonged to the girl’s uncle. He had died in WWII. Everything was left just the way it was when he went off to war. My sister says that everyday around 3:00 you could hear a man saying the rosary in that room. The grandmother said that was the time her son always said his rosary.:bigyikes:


wow… that’s something… very uplifting…

the rosary (as stated) made me a Christian (a real one)… i think all we Catholics should be passing out rosaries to just about everyone…

but i don’t do this because, well… i tend to think only Catholics understand the benefits of the rosary & all the talk in the world won’t convince un-Catholics/anti-C’s… of how great it is… so it always seems to me that doing this is a waste of time. But then… maybe i am wrong??? :confused:


[quote=OP]What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I was went 11 days in a row with only 1-2 hours sleep each night.

In that time, November 2004, I spend nearly every waking moment contemplating my life as I found the church again.

(Cradle Catholic always with a connection to the faith, but the valley in my 20s led me to be a CNE+3 Catholic for 2-3 years.)

The following Easter was quite unique. Indeed.


What is CNE + 3?

(I hope no long haul truck drivers are reading this :smiley: )


I almost set my leg on fire last night.


:smiley: Yeah, that story about the hot chocolate is really weird. What brand of hot chocolate was it btw?
I assume Eucharisted was kidding…or was he actually serious:hmmm:


About fifteen years ago, I had a roommate who moved out and took the vacuum. I was BROKE at the time and really needed one so I prayed about it on the busride home one day. There was a vacuum sitting abandoned at my bus stop when I got home.

Just a few weeks ago I took my daughter to the doctor. The medical assistant was confirming our information when she read our home phone number. I asked her to repeat herself and she read it again, only it wasn’t MY number but my Grandmother’s number. Our pediatrician has never had a reason to have that number. Later that day I discovered it was the feast of Saint Agnes. My Grandmother’s middle name was Agnes.

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