What is the strongest novena?

I don’t see why not. You don’t want to overload yourself though.

I’m debating. I want to be totally pious, and am afraid that some can be spread thin if I did two.

I think the piety comes not from quantity, but quality. Pray devoutly, reverently, humbly with faith, hope and love.


How about St Joseph and the holy cloak.


Novena of Masses - go for 9 straight days

54 day rosary novena

Holy Cloak novena - 30 days


9 month novena for impossible requests


Undoer of Knots


9 hour Infant of Prague novena


Novenas, chaplets, etc are not “magic”. Prayer does not work that way.

My first action when faced with a serious problem is to have a Mass said for that intention.

Remember, every prayer is “if it be thy will”. Pray for the grace and strength to face the problems, pray for peace in the midst of the trials.


I agree with the Little Lady. Be prepared that sometimes God’s answer is ‘no’ or more correctly - this is not My will but later you will see I was doing what was best all along’.

What is the holy cloak?

There is no hierarchy of novenas, and they should not be treated as ways to guarantee this or that. God isn’t compelled by incantation, formulation or repetition.

Since the original novena was praying for the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost - it would seem to hold the prime position.

Ask God the Holy Spirit to assist you in your need; as well as to help you understand God answers all prayers in one of three ways: Yes, No, or In His time.

Deacon Christopher


It is a 30 day novena to St Joseph and is very popular. St Joseph is the protector of the Church and families. This novena has helped many people including me.
There are many graces with this novena.
I will post a few links

the first is the novena itself on youtube

then Catholic answers on it.https://www.catholic.com/qa/what-about-the-holy-cloak-novena

The Holy Clock novena booklet is available from Divine Mercy Productions
There are plenty of pdf of this Novena on line.

Its really the only Novena I pray. It is beautiful and powerful in its graces.

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If you pray a novena thinkinf it will not be grantes, then it defeats the purpoae of saying it. It is like taking medicine thinking it wont work. You take it hoping it works. The same with novenas. People are being negative about this praying novenas thing. No one is saying it is manipulating God. No one can manipulate God

The Holy Cloak of St. Joseph novena really is a beautiful prayer.

Prayer booklet by Auxilium Christianorum, I have used these prayers in the past and have found them very helpful. I was not officially a member, but followed their requirements.

Here are the prayers, they can be printed into booklet form.


You do know that even a simple little prayer asking for what you want but accepting God’s will is the best choice. Copy Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane, ask for what you want and then add ‘but not my will but yours be done’ and mean it. Then ask instead with all your novenas for courage, fortitude, strength, faith and trust in God. Those are worth praying earnestly for. For all of us there is nothing wrong with asking for what you want persistently but do remember that God will give you what you need and what is best for you (the you is plural - meaning all mankind). Like little lady said novenas aren’t magic and prayers are not a do this get this activity, I am sure you know that… but be weary of thinking like that as could border on superstitious behaviour, which leads from God not to him. God bless you. I am sorry you have such a problem, trust in God and the miracle will be yours even if it’s not the miracle you expect.

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