What is the teaching of the Church on Head Coverings?

A traditional catholic blogger makes an argument here for head coverings being “divine law”.

Jimmy Akin takes up the question of whether there is any church-law (canon law) that would require head covering here. Short Answer: No.

My question: Is this theological question, about head coverings being a “divine law” (the first link) contradicted, or answered in some place, by official teachings by the Church?

Secondly, while it would seem obvious to me, that if the Church doesn’t require a practice, the practice should not be claimed to be essential to the Christian faith. Otherwise those who proclaim these things are claiming for themselves a kind of magisterial authority, that contradicts or overrides Papal authority. What should be said of such proclamations that something not required by the Church is still “divine law”; a claim being made by the above traditionalist Catholic blogger?


These links should be helpful for understanding what the church says about headcoverings and following your conscience. I’ve also included information on scrupulosity in case you or another person reading might suffer from it. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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