What is the truth about the Illuminati?

What was the Illuminati and when did it begin? Was it really secret because the Church suppressed and persecuted the sect’s members?

Once more, I’m worried about the upcoming movie Angels and Demons. On my thread in the Popular Culture section, many users are saying the book isn’t anti-Catholic and the movie won’t be either. But I’ve looked over the content on the website (angelsanddemons.com), and what is presented really disturbs me - even if it is not true, but especially if it is true. I have no idea what is fact or fiction.

In the description of the Illuminati, the website says it consisted of “scientists, artisits, and doctors” whose discoveries were at odds with the Catholic Church. The site suggests that the struggle between the Church and science reached a climax with Galileo. Through brief articles and clips of the movie, the site really seems to portray the idea that the Catholic Church really was against not only this sect but science.

The Church was supposed to be so against the Illuminati that it branded four scientists across the chest with the mark of a cross. This event is supposedly known as “La Purga,” and in a clip on the website, Tom Hanks talks about it and says to some Vatican officials “you guys don’t even read your own history”.

Did the Catholic Church actually “hunt down” the members of this group?

Also, I was reassured by some users that this movie probably won’t be an anti-religion movie. Well, it certainly seems to put faith at odds with reason and science. When talking about Galileo, the site says that the “forces of science and faith clashed in the 17th century” when Galileo advanced and taught the idea of a sun-centered system.

I think everyone should be aware of what this movie will be talking about. Once again, the website is angelsanddemons.com. To see the latest trailer: angelsanddemons.com/site/entry.php#video .

Now I haven’t seen but a few parts of the Da Vinci Code, but Tom Hanks’s character in this movie, at least, seems to be opposed to the Catholic Church, it’s history of “hunting down” scientists and starting “massacres”, and genuine faith itself.

Can someone please provide some facts? I looked up “La Purga” on Google but didn’t get many results. I briefly skimmed over the New Advent article, mainly because it said the Illuminati started in the late 1700s but the movie says it started in the 1600s.

I wouldn’t have heard of the Illuminati if this movie wasn’t coming out, so I don’t expect much information.

Because of this, comments and thoughts are welcome! I’m guessing not many users out there know much about the Illuminati. :wink:

This concerns the Illuninati from The Original Catholic Encyclopedia.

The church has never “been against science.” In the case of Galileo, the church could not accept his teaching so readily as some were able to - out of caution, as Galileo’s theory was not yet reconciled with some other phenomenon occuring in natural science. When the issue was resolved and no contradiction was found between the two phenomena, the Church accepted Galileo’s teaching willingly and with ease, like any reasonable, cautious and wise institution, like the Church would.

The Illuminati is not a Catholic association of people and should not be looked to for answers by Catholics. It is my understanding that they hold very high seats of authority in the world and exist as a very powerful group of people. But I really don’t know.

So they really exist today? Then I wonder what they think of this movie that is being made about them trying to blow up the Vatican.

Do you know if the Church ever did order a massacre to “hunt down” this sect or have you ever heard of “La Purga”.

p.s. I thought it wasn’t for sure if this group even existed today?

I know the Church isn’t agaisnt science and reason, but that’s not what this movie (via its website) seems to be saying! :frowning:

**For those who really know Church history (or history in general), was this group formed in the 1600s ---- as the movie says ---- or in the late 1700s? :confused: **

It is my understanding that the Illuminati exist today and are involved in one world gov’t plans. Don’t worry though. God is in control. And don’t be bothered by the movies either. Ron Howard did quite a hack job with the DaVinci Code, didn’t he? He’s convinced hundreds that Jesus and Mary Magdalen were lovers and bore a child together. Sick! That goes against what the Church teaches. Secret sects at the highest levels are hostile to the Church and it is said that Freemasons (associated with the Illuminati, if I am correct) at the highest levels would like to do away with the Church and her influence. I’m not quite sure about “La Purga.” What would the Church be able to do to those in the sect other than excommunicate them for being in a secret society. If they were heretics and civil authority allowed for the killing of heretics, then I suppose thay could have been killed by law too.

The Illuminati was a German organization in the 18th century composed of atheists and deists that promoted separation of religion and state and constitutional government. They were similar to the Freemasons in most aspects.

The word, nowadays, has become synonymous with conspiracy theories.

I’m actually thinking of the Trilateralists. I don’t know if there is any association between the Trilateralists and the Illuminati, perhaps so. It is my understanding that the Tilateralist Commision pushes the one world order plans.

Oh I’m not worried or scared of this Illuminati. I’m just concerned about what this book/movie is saying about the Church and its history. I still want to know about “La Purga” and if the Church really branded four scientists, which seems to be part of the reason for the sect’s revenge in the movie.

The movie (and book), like The Da Vinci Code will probably turn many people away from the Catholic Church, especially non-Catholics, and many people won’t know what is true or untrue. It’s important to know the history. That’s why I want to know what’s fact and what’s fiction about this Illuminati. It would be nice if CA created a special article or pamphlet on this like they did for The Da Vinci Code, :thumbsup:.

By the way, has anyone looked over this website and the video clips?

The movie sounds like its going to be nothing but propaganda, mixing a little bit of facts and truth with lots of error and twisted lies to propose that the Church is evil…which she most definitely is not. I trust that someone will argue against the propositions of the film.

Why is it that the Vatican always seen as something to do with the Illuminati?


It is a well known fact that Freemasonry has infiltrated the Catholic Church. Pope Leo XIII has written an encyclycal on this. We have some Bishops who are Freemasons, among other presbyters. Freemasonry works along with any other secret sects (like the Illuminati) that work for the destruction of the Catholic Church, her truths and the office of the Papacy.

I really wish CA could do something about this. They could be working on something.

How do we ask them?

Dan Brown writes fiction. Enough said. Surely we learned from The DaVinci Hoax (um, Code) that Mr. Brown, sadly, cannot be trusted to ‘tell the truth’ and prefers his own fictional ‘stories’ to be accepted as truth.

Reminds me of that story about the unbaptized pagan who used to grill steaks on Lenten Fridays and the smell of the sizzling meat drove his Catholic neighbors wild. The Catholics got together with the parish priest, talked to the pagan about Catholicism, the pagan converted and the Priest baptized him. Afterward the priest said, “See, you were born a pagan but now with this water you have become a Catholic.”

The next Friday the Catholics were horrified to smell sizzling steaks again and rushed over to find the pagan placidly slapping marinade on a sirloin while saying, “You were born a steak but with this marinade you have become a hallibut”.

The steak won’t ever become hallibut, will it? of course not. . .and Mr. Brown’s fictions will never be truth, no matter what, or how much, he ‘slops’ onto them.

Send them a personal message/e-mail asking that they print something to counter the damage of such a film to the Church.:slight_smile:

I haven’t read the book. Does Brown claim that it is based on facts like he did with “The DaVinci Code”?


I haven’t either.
But Does anyone know??

I still have not been able to find any information on “La Purga.” Does anyone know if it really happened?

I’d suggest that the very fact that you can’t find anything about La Purga, particularly in an age and climate where one would think that it would be popping up everywhere if it were true, is a good sign that it’s made up.

Besides, since 95% of the “facts” in The DaVinci Code were absolutely FALSE, I wouldn’t trust anything Dan Brown says in Angels and Demons.

If someone asks you… or more likely accuses the Catholic Church and requests that you defend Her… based on the “facts” in Angels and Demons, I’d suggest that you firmly ask them to substantiate Dan Brown’s claims before you’ll address it… Since I’d guess that most of his claims are spurrious, I doubt they’d find the “proof”.

Oh… and it looks like CA is making a tract about Angels and Demons :slight_smile:

Yeah. The Da Vinci Code is a novel based on the pseudohistorical The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. This book claims that Jesus and Mary Magdelene married and had children. Their descendants moved to southern France and bred their way into noble families, eventually becoming the Frankish Merovingian Dynasty.

It also advances the idea that a secret society, The Priory of Sion, has been in existence since 1099, trying to return Christ’s bloodline to the throne of France. (I’m not sure if the book or movie tries to answer the question, “Why would anyone care about installing anyone as leader of France?”)

The Priory of Sion, according to the conspiracy myth, created the Knights Templar, and has had its evil tendrils in all sorts of European politics for almost 1000 years. I’m not sure if they ever butted heads with Adam Weishaupt and his Bavarian Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati, at least, did exist, and it infiltrated some masonic societies. Weishaupt eventually got exposed, though, and things didn’t work out for him. So much for his particular brand of enlightened humanism.

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