What is the Typical Stipend for Having a Mass Offered?

What is the typical stipend for having a Mass offered?

I’ve never had a Mass offered for my Father and would like to do so but wondered about an acceptable ammount to give.

What about major feasts? Would you give more for Mass on, let’s say, the Feast of the Assumption?


For one of my local Churches, it’s $10 per Mass. For another it’s $20. Every Church I know of has a set amount the request as a “donation” and they’ll tell you up front. I would call and ask what they recommend or request - if they don’t, I’d go with $10.


the amount is set by the bishop, but just about everywhere I’ve ever been in the US it is $10. Also, you can still have a mass offered even if you cannot pay any stipend.

I thought it was much more. Thanks.


I don’t have anything new to add, but I would like to concur with what has been said above. I’ve always seen $10 as the usual stipend, but of course it is a donation. They can’t turn you down if you can’t pay.

$5-10. If you’re poor, a priest normally takes your intention for free.

Since most parish priests are on salary now, the $10 stipends go to the church. If you are not able to pay the $10 and want a mass for someone, just ask the priest. It is not about the money!

That depends on the priest and the parish.

The money has to go to the parish into special account. The stipend is paid to the priest from that account after the Mass is celebrated. Some priests request their stipends monthly, others never do, or request it and then turn it over to the parish.

Ours is $10.

Our parish also has a memorial mass said twice per year, and for a one time donation of $100, Mass is said twice a year once around all souls day, I can’t remember when the other time is) for those people for as long as our Cathedral will be in existance.

When our infant son died last year, my coworkers had his name added to this perpetual mass, so Mass will be said twice a year for him, even after my husband and I are long gone. I like that :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for your loss.

My daughter died in 1996 at 4 1/2 years old. Her funeral Mass was on the Feast of the Assumption. Back then I couldn’t explain why a Catholic kneels or what the word Eucharist meant. I never occured to me until recently to have a Mass said for her, or for my father.

I think it would be nice to have a Mass said on Aug 15 for my daughter.


The only place where I’ve seen a variance in cost per mass is those organizations whose priests offer a series of Gregorian Masses for the deceased - a series of 30 Masses offered on consecutive days. I’ve seen them offered for about $5-10 per mass, or about $150-$300 for the series.

I don’t know what its like in other parts of the world, but around here, requests for specific days go fast. You’ll have to talk to your parish secretary that keeps a calendar for mass intentions. When my father died and we requested mass intentions for him, we got some of the dates we wanted and then some were just put on the mass schedule without any notice. Perhaps your parish does it differently, but at this point in the year, you may not get the date you want.

At our church it used to be five dollars. Nowadays, the secretary tells me any donation will be accepted.

I am also in the South. Ours is $10.

Just call the church, whoever answers will be able to tell you.

I lost my parents last year. In Dec, or maybe it was Jan, I went in and gave 5 dates and $50. So now masses will be said, or have been said, on their dates of birth, death and their anniversary.

Something no one has mentioned is that at our church, we can get a Mass Card. It has the date written down and the priest that will be saying the Mass. It can be mailed to someone to let them know that a Mass is being said. Although you won’t need one for the Mass for your daughter, you might want to mail the card to your mother if you have a Mass said for your father.

This isn’t correct. The stipend is paid to the priest who offers the Mass. He, in turn, can give it to the church or give it away but it does not go to the church automatically.

Yes, depending upon the parish, the calendar can fill up some time in advance. The last time I remember requesting a Mass to be said, I wasn’t looking for a specific date but just took the next available, which was I think a month away. And I can imagine that bigger feast days get taken sooner. If you’re looking at August 15th, it would probably be best to call sooner rather than later.

Whoops I put this in the other thread…

But Tim, I went and found this for you:

While the province of Atlanta does not have an established norm for mass stipends, the custom of $10 per mass should be followed as a guideline. If a sum of money is given for the celebration of masses, the amount should be divided by ten to determine how many masses should be offered for the intention.

If you want a mass celebrated by an SSPX priest, though, you’re going to have to dig deeper:

Since Mass stipends have not increased for over 15 years, we are adjusting the stipends within the SSPX in the United States effective immediately as follows:
For one Mass: $20

I’m so sorry about your daughter. I think it would be beautiful to have a Mass said for her on Aug 15th.

Our little saints have a way of expanding and deepening our faith. I don’t know if it is the agonizing pain of the loss, our beloved children in heaven interceeding on our behalf, or the profound awareness that the Lord (and Mary in a very special way) are very close to us in our walk through grief. Maybe it is the good the Lord brings out of such a horrible, horrible tragedy.

I hope you can arrange the Mass for her.

Twice the money, huh? Do they think their Mass has better prayers or something?

Wait… don’t answer that. :smiley:

Just kidding. Thanks for the research!


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