What is the valid Catholic response to Reflexology?

Hi-First time user. I signed on because I don’t know who else to ask this of. One of my best friends is into reflexology. It sounds like she has bought a special pair of gloves and everything. What is the valid Catholic response? I should tell you that she is a member of our wonderful Charismatic prayer group, and has always had an interest in the gift of healing. She also recently traveled from IL to Texas to attend a Charles & Frances Hunter healing service (they are Protestants). I am feeling anxious, because I don’t want Protestant thinking (i.e.-if you JUST HAVE ENOUGH FAITH!) creeping into our Catholic prayer group. I’m not sure I’ll know how to look the answer up, but would appreciate a response. Thank you.

Dear Mary,

There is no official Catholic response to reflexology. The Church does not have a response to every new fad that comes along. If reflexology proves itself, the Church still won’t have a position on it anymore than it has on acupressure or chemo-therapy. There are no moral issues here.

Praying for healing is as old as the Church. Your friends do not need to go outside of the Church to learn about it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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