What is the worst book(s) you have ever read?

I know there are discussions on “What book are you reading?” I’m sure we’ve all read books that we don’t care for.

What is the worst book(s) you have ever read?

My pick of worst books in no particular order:

-Animal Farm by: George Orwell (I read this one back in High School)

-The Chamber by: John Grisham (When people say the book is better than the movie that’s not always true…Not in the case with this book)

-The Da Vinci Code by: Dan Brown (What a waste of time & money)

The Da Vinci Code was pretty bad because it was so long and such a waste of time.
The movie wasn’t much better.

The Visitation by Peretti, that was pretty bad too. I thought I’d try reading a Protestant Christian novel and that one was enough to turn me off to that genre. Started off OK but the book progressively deteriorated.

When a book is bad, I normally stop reading it. I finished The da Vinci Code simply because it was a cultural phenomenon and I wanted to understand what the hullabaloo was all about. Boy, did it stink. I nearly gave up on it several times. I still don’t know why it was so popular.

hmmm, this is a tough one, I have probably read many young adult books that are quite bad and some really bad non-fiction.
I really did not like The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
Also The Streetcar named Desire was pretty bad.
Those two I had to finish for school. So there wasn’t the option of not finishing the book.
I recently read the Neverending Story, I really enjoyed the concept and the first half of the book, but the second half was aweful and I almost didn’t finish it, but I was so far into it that it didn’t make sense.
However, the worst book I have ever read was Beloved by Toni Morrison. It was a dreadful book, with deplorable characters, terrible writting, bad “poetry” and a non exisitent story line.


Doctor Seuss’ books.

No I do not want a fox, no I do not want one in a box.

For some reason, I knew someone would say an Orwell novel. I am in middle school and have read all his books, and I think Animal Farm is genius. But for some weird reason, I knew someone was going to say an Orwell novel.

I love Animal Farm! My favorite character is the horse.

:eek: Not like Fox in Socks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I must say that is my favorite Dr, Seuss book, but probably because my older brother used to do all the tounge twisters using different ‘voices’. And we had one of those sweet audio books on cassette tapes and would make the cool noise when you were suppose to turn the page, but then I am a sucker for that sentimental stuff. :smiley:


I had been away from my Catholic faith for a few years and was just starting my search that eventually led me to return to the fullness of my beloved Catholic faith. A friend told me about this “incredible” spiritual book that was the “everything” that I needed to regain my faith…it was the “Course of Miracles!” Only a few years later did I see the folly in that suggestion…the absolute worst book I could have ever read.

I am so blessed that for some wonderful reason my Blessed Mother protected me in this great mistake…and led me through this abyss ~ never the less ~ to her Son! God be praised!

Portriat of the Artist… by James Joyce.

My pet goat.

Really? I heard that our former president couldn’t put it down!


I agree! This was assigned in my senior year lit. class in high school…everything we read by Joyce was absolutely insufferable.

I also have a really tough time even pretending to enjoy anything by Jane Austen.

The user’s manual for my first cell phone. The thing was over 200 pages, and spread out through all those pages was about a page and a half of information that I actually needed.

I, too, had to endure A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in high school.

I also don’t remember Herman Melville’s Billy Budd particularly fondly, either.

I agree 100% but would also add what an incredible insult to The Lamb of God:mad:

The Collector. Had to read that my last semester in college. HATED that novel.

Any lies oh I mean books by Kiddy Kelley!

[LEFT]I too read Da Vinci Code because of all the publicity…thankfully I didn’t buy it but just borrowed it from the library. I was laughing out loud at that book it was so stupid. The puzzle is the handwriting is backwards WOW :open_mouth: UGH!!!

I also unfortunately read the three Phillip Pullman books the golden compass etc. Just evil propaganda directed at children.

House of the Seven Gables by Hawthorne was awful to slog through in college. It was so boring…and I didn’t mind Scarlett Letter.

Blood Canticle by Anne Rice was HORRIBLE because I was a fan of Lestat and the Witching Hour…she did terrible things to those beloved characters…just mediocre crud in order to finish two series. and so very very dissappointing.

Twilight…I read because I like vampires ok and all these people were just gushing about it (before the movie came out). What a piece of you know what.


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