What is this called?

What kind of religion does a person have when they believe in:

  1. God
  2. Christ
  3. Holy Spirit
  4. God hears prayers
  5. God does NOTHING in response to those prayers other than “listen”.

Is this called a “deist religion”? I think it is NOT Christianity, despite belief in Christ and the Trinity.

Well as far as what “kind of religion” if they believe in Christ and the Holy Spirit" they are Christian by default. But what use is prayer if Christ said “Ask and it shall be given to you” only to find out that God does not answer prayers? I dont think they would have many folks showing up for services on Sunday.

I agree :thumbsup:

“services” on Sunday is not what the Mass is-- if that is the reference. Our Mass is a community sacrifice, not a simple “prayer service”

My answer is that anyone who believes God only listens but does not respond, is not a Believing Christian.

I did not mean “service” was a reference to the Sacrifice of the Mass…it was a reference to some denomination who had an absentee god who heard but did not answer prayers and the futility of going to a church that would worship such a god.

OK. Just trying to use words. They have meaning. For instance, Catholics talk of going to church every Sunday. A church is only a bldg in which various rituals are carried out. But a Mass can take place anywhere there is a priest with the power conveyed by the Christ to transform ordinary bread and wine into the very real presence of Jesus. I think we need to be more aware of what a Mass is.

Looks like Deism to me.

Yeah, I think its called Deism. Some of the USA’s Founding Fathers were Deists. I think Thomas Jefferson held Deist beliefs (but I could be wrong about that).

Also, I’d say many modern day Christians believe this same thing. They believe in God and go to church, but they don’t think anything miraculous can occur today.

Deism is closer to what the Epicureans or maybe the Sadducees believed. God is distant and uninvolved with the workings of His universe. There isn’t much in the way of Christian theology in Deism, unless Jesus is considered as an excellent moral teacher, but not divine.

I would call it “Christian Deism” because you’ve added Christ and the Holy Spirit as criteria. Deism itself can be any sort of religious system, as it were, where the creator steps back after creation and doesn’t interefere.

“Deism” refers to a belief that God exists but that God’s nature and character are not revealed to us. A Trinitarian belief is not truly deist, because that belief depends upon revelation (i.e. the Bible, or Christian tradition).

If the belief includes the divinity of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, and God is believed to be inactive through incapacity rather than lack of care for us, it still qualifies as a form of Christianity, albeit a fairly gloomy one. At that point, I would look to the happiness of the person espousing it.

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