What is this Cross called?

I’m interested in the upper middle Cross on the cover of this book:


Does anyone know what this style of Cross is called? I believe it’s Russian Orthodox in origin, but I wondered if the style has a name.

I’m interested in the symbolism of the two shorter cross-bars, especially the lower slanted one.

It is the Three-Bar Cross aka Orthodox Cross. I believe the third bar and how it is positioned indicates which church. For example the slanted one is Orthodox and the straight one indicates Greek Catholic and Byzantine Churches. Our Eastern Catholic brothers are better suited to answer, so I hope they will correct my stupidity.

The 1st bar is where the sign was hanged above our Lord, the 2nd is the beam Christ’s hands or wrists were nailed, and the 3rd is the beam which held His feet.

God bless.

TOP ROW: Chi Rho — Byzantine — Latin
BOTTOM ROW: Byzantine Latin — Celtic — Jerusalem

Here you go: htthttp://journals.hil.unb.ca/index.php/MCR/article/view/17384/22605p://

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