What is this "Declaration of anathema on Francis Bergoglio" all about?

What is this “Declaration of anathema on Francis Bergoglio” all about? I, like I’m sure many, have seen this declaration of anathema on the Holy Father by this bishop in Easter rite. How is it that anyone, much less the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, can make such a judgment on anyone else using the name of God to do so? :confused:

I would have thought that before a declaration of this gravity would have been attempted, one would have initiated some kind of communication first, a letter, an email, a phone call, to at least try and get a clarification of the Pope’s message first. The world is scarier enough already and now to start a fist fight on the Holy Fathers intention and bring down a curse on what he THINKS the Pope’s message is intending to mean. It sounds like the good bishop wants to start a whole new schism between the Easter rite and the Roman Church? tsktsk:

Your thoughts?

This declaration is from a bishop who is not in communion with the Catholic Church.

And he is obviously a FOOL too:thumbsup:

This is from a man who claims to be the patriarche of the UOGCC, a splinter group not in communion with Rome. This same man claimed previously to have excommunicated Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict.

Nothing to see here, move along.:rolleyes:

This “Patriarch Elijah” is the leader of a tiny splinter group that broke from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. He has been denouncing the Catholic Church for several years.

This is a perfect example of something that exists, but need not be given any attention whatsoever.

This declaration has the same authority and weight as a Papal Bull saying trees don’t exist.

The “anathema” is over misunderstandings of things Pope Francis said by the secular media, for this it was mainly that secular media was claiming that Pope Francis is okay with people being active homosexuals. The “Patriarch” caught wind of this and without invesitgation came to his own conclusions (bad practice if you’re supposedly the head of a Church) and figured Pope Francis was saying that homosexual actions are no longer sinful, which is obviously false, but this guy believed it and declared an “anathema” on Pope Francis.

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