What is this desire in me that always wants to go to Confession?

For the past few months, I have begun frequenting the Sacrament of Penance, and I actually really love it. I used to dread Confession entirely, but something in me is causing me to like it. Maybe the thought of starting a new clean slate is part of the reason? :shrug:

the influence of the mercy of Christ and the Holy Sprit…i assume.
Good for you! encouraging to see!

Now I must confess, I need to go more often! :slight_smile:

I’ve read that as we draw closer to God we become more aware of even the smallest bits of ‘dirt’ within our souls. So if you feel yourself drawn to Confession perhaps it’s because you are drawing nearer to God? :slight_smile:

Please quantify, how often do you go?

Monthly, or even twice per month is recommended. More than that, especially if by some form of internal compulsion, is an indicator of potential scrupulosity - which itself can become a sin.

How often do you go?

Excuse me? I know many faithful Catholics who go once a week and I greatly doubt they are scrupulous (some are Apologists). In fact, frequent Confession has helped them grow closer to Christ. Why would you discourage someone from going regularly?

Context! Considering the thread title, I used the qualifier “potentially” This may not be at issue here, but it also may be. Perfect to discuss with one’s confessor.

Monthly. Unless I am unusually human, then more often. I believe that one of the most on-fire Priests, Fr. Larry Richards, recommends every two weeks.

Sorry. I get a bit irritable because it seems like the S word gets thrown around too easily on this forum. :slight_smile:

I usually go every other week, but sometimes it’s every month. I don’t know why I enjoy something so much when I used to run from it. :shrug:

It can become a problem for certain individuals, and should be asked about, simply as a means of avoiding it. It can lead one to doubting God’s forgiveness, and doubt is not of God.

You are called, as ell all are, to partake regularly of the Sacraments. We receive God’s grace through them. Any reception of grace is cause for celebration in one’s heart.

Forgiveness is necessary. We are all sinners.

Sometimes, the devil keeps condemning us, and makes us forget from the absolute facts of Jesus. Remember, that Jesus has saved you!. He has forgiven you!. Don’t let the Devil deceive you otherwise.

mmm… I’ve been going to confession once a week for maybe 6 months now or so… and I’ve seen the results of GRACE in my life!!!1

I had a problem with porn and lazyness and anger before… bu t now by His Grace in the Sacraments He has been healing me of all these sins/vices!!! And when I fall/sin- that same week I go to confession and confess it all!!!

Now why do some people say that we only need to go to confession once/one time a month??? I couldn’t/can’t survive only going once a month to confession. I need it weekly!!!

Like EPA estimates, your mileage may vary.

Sin a lot, confess a lot. Yet, we invalidate our confessions if we do not have the firm intention of amending our lives.

What I try to point out is that there are some who confess the ‘sin’ of stopping their prayer in order to sneeze. That is scrupulosity.

at times i go to confession 2iwes a week and i don’t think that is srupulosity. Doesn’t mean i don’t have a firm amendment it means i really love to experience his love and his grace. Many see it as a after…medication but d grace of confession can really prevent sin. I remember the last time i told my confessor a month plus since my last confession, i was actually dancing in sin, before he advice me he asked how managed i didnt go to confession for a month. I know a good man falls 7 times a day i dont know my estimate but i know it higher so i try to confess weekly i may soon try daily. But monthly that looks extreme

I had a wonderful confession today.

The priest was gentle, explained to me why he thought I exhibited certain behaviors and gave me good advice full of love.

I had to fight back tears.

This was the best confession I ever had. :slight_smile:

No, you do not need to run from it. The Sacrament of reconciliation is a sacrament of love and mercy. We need to run to it, not run from it.

I sometimes have the same feeling - like to go to confession. I have asked myself the same question before - why do I “enjoy” going to confession? Then I realize it is because of the grace and blessing I received in the confessional. The grace and presence of the Lord are so intense in the sacrament. It makes me feel extra close to the Lord. The feeling of humility, obedience and charity attracts me to cleanse my soul frequently in front of the persona Christi. I am not attracted by “talking about my sin” but by “making my soul clean”. The sin confessed is not necessarily mortal but mostly venial or imperfections. It is true when we are closer to God we become more sensitive to any tiny offense. Frequent confession is not necessarily being scrupulous but serious about working toward holiness. I go at least once a month, sometimes once every two weeks.

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