What is this hymn?

“We remember. We believe.”

I feel terrible starting a whole new thread for such a simple question. But I have had this song stuck in my head for the past two days and it’s driving me nuts. Or rather, I’ve had the same two lyrics stuck in my head…because I can only remember four words of the song!!! Hehehehehe.

Can anyone help me identity this song? It’s usually sung during Communion. The end of the refrain goes like this:

“We remember. We believe.”

And the rest of the song might go like “when we drink this blood” and “when we eat this bread”. But, I also might be confusing two different songs–which I often do. Like, the song that goes “He said, ‘do this is remembrance of me’”…

I just totally confused myself even further! And google with and without quotes isn’t helping.


Thanks for any help!

(p.s. anyone know a good site that has hymn lyrics for future reference??)

I am a sad, sad person. :smiley:

So, in case I confused anyone else and made someone else go nuts, someone at a different message board was able to help me out. Yeah…so the song I had stuck in my head was “We Remember”. The refrain is:

“We remember how you loved us to your death. And still we celebrate for you are with us here. And we believe that we will see you when you come. In your glory, Lord, we remember. We celebrate. We believe.”

(Yes, I am well aware of my inability to have songs stuck in my head with the correct and full lyrics. And let’s just leave melody out of it, okay? :slight_smile: )

And for anyone who is much too curious for their own good, the other song I was confusing is by Cheri Keaggy, which goes like “Before you eat, Before you drink, Take a long look inside and tell me what you see. He said, Do this in remembrance of me. Do this in remembrance of me”.

Sorry to have wasted a thread. And thanks for reading my randomness.

Take care and God Bless!

ok… you figured it out… I was just about to help ya and you found the answer. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing… I can remember certain parts of songs, but never titles or artists. :blush:

Don’t feel bad. I was watching a Sylvester Stallone movie yesterday (Eye See You).

Throughout the movie, they keep playing a piano theme that is a song that we do all the time at church. I’ve always loved playing it.

But I CAN’T REMEMBER what the name is, or any of the words! AAAAAGGGH!

My husband can’t remember either, and we’re both going nuts trying to put words with this hymn and wondering why it is used in the movie. (I haven’t watched to the end yet, so maybe it will be mentioned in the credits.)

But I can’t post myself humming a tune here on CAF! So I guess I’ll have to wait until we sing it or I play it again.

I didn’t see the Stallone movie, but I found these songs from an internet source. I don’t recognize any as a church song though.

*]One More Night"
Written and Performed by Gibb Droll
Courtesy of Droll Music
*]"Love Is"
Written and Performed by Kit Hain
Courtesy of Bok Music
*]"Freezer Burn"
Written by William Ross
*]"Rage Man Blues"
Written by Scott Stambler
Performed by Gilby Clarke[/LIST]

I’m not into Stallone movies normally. I just watched this one because it has my favorite actor, Robert Patrick, In it.

But thanks for the help, stbruno :slight_smile:

That darn hymn is still in my mind! Rats!

and now I have the we remember we celebrate song stuck in my mind because I read this thread. It is not one of my favorite songs so I’ll blank it out soon.


I finally figured it out. I looked through the entire index of the Gather Hymnal, saying each hymn title out loud so I wouldn’t skip over it.

Near the very end of the list, down in the w’s there it was!


The entire verse is played, not just a phrase or two. It’s played on the piano, very simply, the way I would play it at church.

And the title and words FIT the movie, which is called “EYE SEE YOU.”

The movie is about a cop killer who is stalking a cop, and taunts him by saying, “I see you, but you don’t see me.”

In the movie, this melody is played whenever the cop’s girlfriend is with him, and again, sadly, after she is murdered by the cop killer.

The words are:

“Without seeing you, we love you
without touching you, we embrace
without knowing you, we follow
without seeing you, we believe.”

This would seem like a very appropriate song to run through the cop’s mind when he remembers his dead girlfriend. Also, an appropriate song that fits the title of the movie.

I’ve heard rumors that Stallone is a Catholic. If so, I can see why he would suggest this beautiful melody as background music. It’s not well-known, so it wouldn’t be obtrusive into the plot. But it fits the plot so well.


BTW, I don’t recommend rushing out and renting this movie. It’s kind of predictable, and I frankly don’t like the violence in the movie. At one point, the woman doctor, who has no weapon and no experience dealing with serial killers, panics and says, “We have to do something!”, then runs out the door (no weapon) to chase down the killer who has murdered (in grisly ways) 12 policemen and several civilians. Good thinking, lady!

Definitely NOT a movie for the kiddies.

And I’m sure you’ll guess who the cop-killer is.

Like I said, the only reason I have the movie is to see my favorite actor, Robert Patrick, who looks skinny as a stick in this movie, and has the “f” word in almost every line! Beautiful crying scene from him, though. He’s a great cryer.

And it’s a great movie to watch in hot weather, since the whole thing takes place against the backdrop of a raging blizzard. I even get cold watching it! Takes the place of air conditioning. (But NOT around the bunchkins, please!)

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