What is this Icon?


Hello everyone,

I was given this bronze icon, but I don’t really know what it is or what is going on in it. An image search told me that it is an icon of Kirik & Oulitta, but I was unable to find any information about these two. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



in the west they are St. Julitta and St. Cyricus


Thanks a lot!


Would anyone be able to make out what the Russian on the icon says?


I would not have recognized who was depicted in that icon, and I cannot read Russian.


I can read Russian, but I’m not able to make it out in this picture. Maybe a clearer picture and close up of the writing would help. It is also likely that it is in Church Slavonic and not Russian.


Top line appears to be the names of three martyrs, Saints Paraskeva, Evdokia (Yevdokia) and Barbara (Varvara). The lower right shows the name Martyr Julitta. The ‘central’ inscription is too indistinct but probably shows the name of the child-martyr Kyrikus (and maybe identifies also the two bishops to the left).




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