What is this medal?

Hello all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. First I want to say how much I value this site and how much I have been learning here! I’m 20 years old, baptized and had my first communion but never confirmed. My family stopped attending Mass when I was around 11 or 12. Recently I have felt a strong pull towards returning to the Catholic Church, and I really enjoy reading on these forums, I have found many answers to my questions.

Anyway…on to the point of this thread…

Today I was very lucky to find some belongings of my Grandparents while going through some old boxes. I found two Rosaries, two Miraculous Medals, a Crucifix, and one other medal. It is the same size as the Miraculous Medals and it says “Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague.” It has a statue of some sort on it as well.

Could anyone tell me what this medal is/what it represents?

Thank you!!


Thank you, Jimdandy! :slight_smile:

“The statue of Infant Jesus of Prague”

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