What is this person's status in the church?

My husband left me for another woman after 20 years of marriage. Our marriage has been annulled. Is his, still ongoing, relationship with this woman an issue with the Catholic Church? He has not repented (to me) and, as I understand, this is necessary for him to become in good standing with the church again. Is it enough for him to go to confession to be forgiven since he is still with her AND our marriage has been annulled? Or, because he is with the adultery partner, will their relationship continue to be an issue for him (with the church) regardless of the annulment or confession? I ask because he has been asked to stand as a godparent and it seems cavalier, if not blasphemous.

Since the marriage has been annulled that means your ex is free to date other people. Like all of us, he needs to make a sincere confession of his sins but otherwise he does not have any outward punishment from the Church. If he is living with this woman then he needs to marry her, otherwise it would be considered inconsistent with his role as a Godparent who is to be an example of living the faith.

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