What is this quote from?

I found this quote in my nine year old daughter’s english book but we don’t know where it is from? If you can give us any help, we would both appreciate it.

Though I travel to the song of a fife
And you to teh sound of the distant drum
We sing the music of friendship

My daughter really liked this quote but I have no idea where it is from. THe book doesn’t say.:shrug:

I googled it and came up with nothing.

Me too. It is aggravating me because my daughter thought that it was beautiful. Of course, I want to encourage her love for poetry. I thought that the english book would somewhere give credit to the author for this quote but I can’t find a source anywhere.:confused:

I searched a few quote sites too and nothing at all came up. :frowning:

Try calling the number for the publisher of the book. I would think they would be able to contact the author(s) or editor(s) to get a proper citation for the quote.

:o Gee. I thought that was rather standard when a book gets published, though, that somebody’s job was to make sure t’s were crossed and such.

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