What is this sin called?


What is it called when you judge others not to be as holy as you? Or when you pat yourself on the back for acts of piety, thinking you’re better than others because of these acts? I knew once what to call it, but can not remember right now.


Kind of falls in the pride category?


Yes, and would also be a sin against charity from what I understand.


Pride, that is the worst sin of all, the root of alot of evil in this world

and Humility is the virtue opposite to that , in case you were wondering…

Your brother in Christ


Thanks, but there’s also a specific word I once heard for thinking one was holier than others.


Sounds like both Pride and Lust.


It goes along with envy of another’s spiritual good, which is a sin against the Holy Spirit.


Spiritual pride? A “holier-than-thou” attitude?


That’s it, but there’s a fancy-schmancy word for it that I heard once and can’t remember now. I’m racking my brain trying to remember.


LOL, now I have that feeling like I’ve heard this before, too! I do this kind of “what’s the word?” thing all the time, very glad someone else does it too.

So, I Live-searched “Holier than thou” and took a look at thesaurus results - is “sanctimonious” what you are thinking of?


If there’s another word/phrase for Spiritual Pride, let me know, 'cause that’s one that bugs me quite often.

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