What is this sin called?

What is it called if you won’t acknowledge you did something wrong - not lying about it per se but just not acknowledging it?

Not acknowledge it to yourself or to others?

Like a sin of omission?
Or as in just pretending you never committed a certain sin-lying to yourself and God?(because I don’t know what that would be called haha)



need more info

Obstinate I think.

Yes, I’d say sin of omission.


You have at least two acts here: (1) a sin committed, and (2) a denial of that sin. If the person knows #1 is a sin, I’d call the sin “formal” and its denial “impenitence.” If they don’t know #1 is a sin, I’d call the sin “material only” and the denial “ignorance.” If they are ignorant through their own fault, it is “culpable ignorance”; if they are ignorant through no fault of their own, it is “inculpable ignorance.”

No, the sin of omission is failing to act when one ought to. It is not the sin of “omitting” to confess something.

Thank you everyone - here is the scenario. My dd age 9 hit another child at school last week, she definitely hit her, but my daughter would not acknowledge it happened. Finally yesterday we had a breakthrough and she finally (in a very vague, not taking responsilbity way) admitted it happened. Rather than say “and that’s when I hit her” she said “and that’s when it happened” or “could’ve happened”.

I wanted to know what this sin could be classified as so I could clarify what the opposite virtue would be so I could focus on building that within her.

Obviously I thought of lack of truthfulness, dishonesty, pride etc. but was hoping for something more specific. I have not been hounding her about this but I have been very firm and patient emphasizing that I will get to the bottom of this before school starts again in two weeks. I already talked to the principal and he will be talking to her when she gets back (it happened just as school was breaking up).

That just sounds like a 9 year old being dishonest because they know they did the wrong thing.

The opposite virtue perhaps depends on what lead up to the hitting. But it is probably temperance/restraint and patience that are relevant here.

One could just discuss more broadly that violence is a last resort to solving anything. To be fair, you should try to understand why your daughrt hit another person. Children fight sometimes, and you shouldn’t immediately assume she didn’t have a good reason for standing up for herself, even if hitting was an innappropriate way to deal with it. There may be other virtues she has that need to be acknowledged too.

It sounds like impenitence/pride.

I second what underacloud said.

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