What is this symbol?

Not sure if I even have this in the right post, but I have just a general question. What is the symbol on the book?


If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it.


The pictures are just a cross on top of another cross in a circle - the circle being a symbol of eternity.

The letters are an abbreviation of a few Greek words - IC standing for Jesus, XC standing for Christ, and NIKA - the Greek word for victory, so it’s saying something to the effect of ‘Christ is victorious’

I appreciate it LilyM. :slight_smile:

Very good LilyM! More here. And here (scroll down).

Ah, didn’t hang around here for a year and almost a half without picking up some knowledge along the way. :nerd:

Those prosphora stamps are real works of art - seems almost a shame that the bread is destined to be eaten!

Well it is for communion after all. :thumbsup: Nice to see that kind of trouble still taken, though, in today’s rushing-headlong-world. I love to see traditions upheld!

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