What is this world coming to? - Hit and Run in Hartford

i just cant believe my eyes when I watched this video.


By The Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. - City police on Friday released recording of two emergency calls made shortly after a 78-year-old man was struck by a car and then left alone in the street by passing motorists and pedestrians.

The tapes were released two days after police Chief Daryl Roberts publicized a surveillance video of a car striking Angel Arce Torres and leaving him paralyzed in the busy street. The video showed cars zooming past and bystanders staring at Torres from the sidewalk.

No one in the video stepped forward to help Torres, prompting Roberts to declare, “We no longer have a moral compass.” City officials later acknowledged that police received four calls to the emergency dispatcher immediately after the accident. They released portions of two calls on Friday.

“Send an ambulance quick, quick, quick, he’s bleeding hard,” one man implores an emergency operator.

Torres, a retired forklift operator, was struck in the two-way street after buying milk at a grocery. He was hospitalized Friday in critical condition.

The video shows two cars veering across the center line and one of the cars striking Torres. Both cars then dart down a side street.

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Friday offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the motorists involved in the accident.

Obviously, there are a couple of problems here. First of all, it was wrong for the cars not to stop and call for help at the scene of the accident. Secondly, the passerbys could have offered more help.
Concerning as to why passerbys are not offering help, I think that the answer to that is what the lawyers have done to our American society today. People are afraid that they may be subject to long and costly litigation if they step up and get involved in a situation like this. In the USA, lawyers can make life a living hell for anyone, including for innocent people who are simply trying to help out.

I hear reports like this all the time on the local news. Hartford mayor Eddie Perez claims to be doing something to fight the constant shooting deaths in Hartford and “concerned community members” demonstrate every other weekend against gun violence, but the people who run that city are so reactionary.

I live in Norwich, which is something like 50 miles south of Hartford, and shooting deaths aren’t very common. Our biggest problem is the leftovers from Norwich Hospital, which was a major psychiatric hospital on the border between Norwich and Preston (not to be confused with William W Backus Hospital, which is the city hospital). When the State shut it down in the late 90s, the patients had no where to go and found themselves in downtown Norwich, mostly homeless. As I understand, most of the regulars at the local Catholic soup kitchen since were from the hospital.

I think this says more about urban society than this generation or the U.S. in general.

There have been studies that have shown that people who will act when by themselves to help another will suddenly wait for someone else to lead when in a crowd. So, everyone was probably waiting for the next person to act first.:frowning:

Yes, one part that I especially couldn’t believe from the video is at 1:10. One person came up to the hit man and took a picture. Seriously, taking pictures!

And who knows what the people were thinking? Maybe, like deb1 said, they thought someone else will come and help the poor man?

And this wasn’t the first time. how about that man who was left to die on Mount Everest (a year ago or so?).

Anyways, the man, Angel, is in my prayers. And also for those bystanders and motorists who didnt jump in to help.

They did get four 911 calls. Keep in mind, anyone who tried to move this man could risk injuring him further and would be sued.

Well obviously someone called the police because they seemed to get their pretty quick. I do agree the person taking the pictures was completely tasteless and disrespectful.

  1. They could have directed traffic

  2. They are protected from law suits by Good Samaritan laws.

Yes. but American lawyers can still create problems for people, regardless. There are one thousand and one other laws and regulations which American lawyers can cite which could create nothing but trouble and headaches for those offering to help. American lawyers can make life a living hell for anyone, including the innocent.

What happened to Hartford? My impression of it some years ago, was that it was a wonderful, safe and desirable place to live.

  1. True, but how many people in downtown Hartford would be smart enough to think of that so quick or even know how to do it.

  2. Still, I’ve always been told by medics to never move an injured person. They always say to call 911 and wait for help to arrive.

It depends on what side of the river you are on.

News can be funny. This wasnt the original video I watched…I watched one given by Yahoo News…and in that video, they said no one helped…and the police somehow appeared (unless I misheard the video…because it was early in the morning - 2am)

I think that calling 9-1-1 was the most appropriate thing to do. As far as getting in the middle of the road to direct traffic, the bystanders might have thought that the drivers would have been crazy enough to hit them also.

It would never occur to me to direct traffic. Honestly, I didn’t know that I would be legally allowed to do so, and I would wonder if I wouldn’t cause a bigger mess by my actions but I would have called 9-1-1.

If the reports are true and four people called the police then they did help and the news reporters have given us false information.

Not if you have a current and valid license from any state that adheres to USDOT guidelines for EMS, and AMA guidelines for MD/PA/RN licenses.

Being a Paramedic, I am unequivocally exempt from any and all Good Samaratin laws. Even if I am in Oregon, where I am NOT certified, I will be exempt and 1) able to be prosecuted for rendering medical aid without a license, and 2) possible negligence suits.

Basically, if you have medical training, and want to do the right thing, you have to be ready to accept lawsuits and possible criminal penalties. Possible is the key word. I’ve yet yo come across this, as I’ve stopped dozens of places here and there for such, but it is ALWAYS possible.

At least I live in Florida where no judgment from any Federal or any State court can take my house.

If you are sued, there’s a huge chance you will lose, and your best bet is to renounce your US citizenship, and move to a country that won’t enforce US court actions for anything else other than violent felonies (Australia, Caymens ect). Think I’m kidding? Ask any person who knows medicine and the Law and they will tell you where you can go if you lose a ridiculous negligence suit.

The American lawyers have created a monster problem and now they blame citizens who are reluctant to come to the aid of their fellow man. These American lawyers create nothing but headaches, horrendous problems and nightmares for innocent people whose only crime was that they tried to help their fellow man.

This is nothing new:


I don’t think this is comparable. I think what you point to is a case of callous apathy while what happened in Hartford was the media putting the worst possible spin on an incident for ratings. People called 911 in this case almost immediately.

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