What is this?


Found a strange book. A while ago I heard someone trying to say that Christianity and Judiasim (and the Bible) were made up stories by some ancient people…is this perhaps where that false idea came from? Books like these seem a bit dangerous…


Looks like the rantings of a kook.

There have always been skeptics that claim that religion was a human invention. Like this guy, they point to similarities in ancient religions (creation accounts, flood, etc) and say that these ancient people (who had very limited or no contact) were simply copying each other’s religions. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that - just maybe - the reason so many ancient people have similar religious events is because it’s TRUE.

We see ancient authors in different locations describe comparable events like comets or eclipses, but nobody says that they were just copying each other’s stuff. But mention a flood…


Yes, people have very backwards logic sometimes…it just bothers me that things like this are accepted by people.


I started a thread on this, you can read it here.


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