What is thoughtless chatter and immoderate laughter

Just found out this is a venial sin. But what is it? Why? Is chatting with friends, laughing, having a good time wrong?

No, I know that having a good time isn’t wrong at all! I don’t know where you heard that “thoughtless chatter and immoderate laughter” is a venial sin, but I would think that there is heavy emphasis on “thoughtless” and “immoderate”. I am guessing that “thoughtless chatter” is like gossiping, saying things that can be hurtful or harmful to others, which of course can result in sin. “Immoderate laughter” is just that-- laughing maybe too much, or louder than necessary… not totally sure how that can be translated into a sin :confused: sorry!

I think this is very subjective though, meaning that it depends on the situation.

Just my 2 cents.

From CCC 1856
When the will sets itself upon something that is of its nature incompatible with the charity that orients man toward his ultimate end, then the sin is mortal by its very object . . . whether it contradicts the love of God, such as blasphemy or perjury, or the love of neighbor, such as homicide or adultery. . . . **But when the sinner’s will is set upon something that of its nature involves a disorder, but is not opposed to the love of God and neighbor, such as thoughtless chatter or immoderate laughter and the like, such sins are venial.**130

“Chatting with friends” and “laughing, having a good time” aren’t disordered in themselves. Thoughtless chatter and immoderate laughter are disordered because thoughtlessness and immoderation are disordered. A good example of thoughtless chatter would be chattering with others in the nave immediately before or after Mass when others are trying to pray. A good example of immoderate laughter would be laughter at a funeral.

Okay that makes sense thank you.

Remember that there has to be at least some amount of deliberateness or choice for something to be a sin. We can’t always control what makes us laugh - and can’t always stop on cue even when it is inappropriate.

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