What is Tridentine agenda?


I am seeking definition of what Tridentine agenda is, please list main points.


PS once Tridentine agenda is defined please close this thread.


Can I piggy back off of that and ask WHAT it is? Thanks!


Like most definitions, it is an impossible question without context. :slight_smile:


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Just kidding. I’m thinking the Tridentine agenda is to propagate and support the Tridentine mass… or is there more to it than that?

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Well, it is the agenda of Trent–I’m thinking on a Catholic site this is referring to the Council that took place in that city. The agenda for that Council was to debate, discuss, and then define Catholic dogma concerning justification, the sacraments, and other issues that were controverted by the “Reformers,” and to reform certain disciplines to better advance the education of priests by creating seminaries, to reform the morality practiced by clerics, and to ensure the proper celebration of the Sacraments, freeing them from the abuses of the time.


I just googled the phrase, and it seems some work use it to describe how the decrees of the Council were implemented in various nations in the late 16th and early 17th century. For example, there is the Spanish Tridentine agenda and the Irish Tridentine agenda.


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