What is up with Mel Gibson?


Is it just me or is Mel Gibson totally spiralling out of control in his faith? If it isn’t bad enough that he and his wife are divorcing after 28 years of marriage, now he has impregated his girlfriend…

This comes from a guy that condemned his wife as an Anglican years ago saying basically that she probably won’t go to heaven due to her Anglican faith. This comes from a guy that has worn his Catholicism on his sleeve for years? I’m really disappointed in Mel. I expected more out of him. I know he’s a human being but now there’s no way the Church will annul his first marriage, no way. He’ll be living in a state of sin with this floozie for years to come. This guy did so much for the faith making The Passion, only to go on a drunken tirade against Jews and now this. I’m sooooo disappointed!

I too have wondered for some time “What happened to Mel Gibson?”. He was such a wonderful role model for people as the one man in Hollywood brave enough to stand up for Jesus. His recent behavior should not detract from his previous good works but certainly calls into question anything he is currently involved in and anything he produces or acts in while this struggle continues.

He did a tremendous thing for the faith and for God in producing “The Passion”. It was after that that he went downhill so to speak. When we are sinning Satan pays little attention to us because we are already doing his bidding. When we are doing good works (as Mel did with The Passion movie) we are more prone to attacks by Satan and have a harder time fighting to stay in a state of grace. Near as I can figure, Mel came under one heck of a serious attack and is failing in his fight. It’s very likely that he does not even know he is under attack. We really should pray for him.

Easy does it, those are lofty words, gurneyhalleck1.


  1. I suspect Mel Gibson’s sins are not greater, but more apparent than ours - the Church.
  2. If i were the Devil, Mel Gibson would be one of the first people I’d attack. Easy.

Mr Gibson has been an outspoken Traditional Catholic for many years.He has not hesitated to criticise his wife’s Faith publicly and basically consign her to Hell ,disagree with the Church over Vatican II and even question whether Transubstatiation occurs at the Consecration in any other Catholic Church but that of his own tiny schismatic sect(I saw him state that on the Larry King show a number of years ago.)In other words he has proclaimed himself Super Catholic who knows better than the Pope.Mr. Gibson CHOSE to present himself to the world as a devout Catholic who took no prisoners when it came to self-professed orthodoxy.Mr. Gibson has a RESPONSIBILTY to LIVE his Faith especially when it is NOT convenient.

His anti-semitic rant was disgraceful.His present situation is no less disgraceful.He is a disgrace to himself,his poor wife,his 7 soon to be 8 children and to the Catholic Church.Most Catholics I know including myself have bent over backwards to “explain” his abberations and that maybe he “really wasn’t” a Lefebriite(sp. I’m sure)or God forbid a sedevancanist.No more.He is a disgrace,who must repent and who requires our prayers.

And before anyone gets bent out of shape I’m not judging HIM but I sure am judging his ACTIONS which St Paul says we must do.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t he belong to a “Catholic” group that is not in communion with Rome?

Primox gets bent out of shape

The difference between these two statements is vast.

In any event, it’s a shame. I don’t think it matters this way or that which sect or schism or whatever Mel Gibson may or may not belong. He is a Christian. Christians, as all humans do, make mistakes. God show him love and mercy, Amen.

As I noted in yesterday’s thread on this topic…

First off, the validity of his first marriage should be dependent on the facts at the time of that purported sacrament. Whatever activity he’s up to now, sinful or otherwise, shouldn’t affect it - a declaration of nullity is not a reward for keeping your pants on.

But the more immediate issue with your statement is Gibson’s relationship with the Church. I don’t know whether the Church normally proceeds with the annulment process when the parties involved are not in communion with the Church, but it seems unlikely that Gibson would go that route since he belongs to a schismatic group.

I appreciate the caution, Primox, and trust me, brother, I’m not juding the man condemned to eternal hellfire. I’m merely pointing out that this is a man whom I’ve deeply admired. I’ve greatly appreciated his dedication to the Passion of the Christ but also his love of history and accuracy in that historical framework. “Braveheart,” “Apocalypto,” “The Passion,” all great films. And his sense of humor, charm, and integrity has always impressed me so much. Now he’s been under a demonic assault, no doubt, and he has chosen a VERY sinful path. And that path he’s taking is hypocrisy. He himself judged his wife in spiritual jeopardy for being an Anglican and he talks up the hardline traditionalist Catholic rhetoric, and he believes there is no such thing as divorce. He believes the teaching of the Church and yet he has been a member of splinter groups?

Now, a Catholic who is against divorce and remarriage is…divorcing and remarrying and, to add icing on the cake, impregnating a model out of wedlock, and cohabitating?

This is not a sin one can merely go to confession over and start over again. How can Mel “avoid the occasion of sin” and repent when he’s going to be locked in a remarriage perpetually stuck in this sin? He’s also scandalized Catholicism by being so publically a face of Catholicism and going on drunken, anti-semitic sprees and now this?

I’m worried for the guy more than I’m disappointed. I hate to see the Devil win. Trust me, my post is not to bash and hope this poor guy burns. I don’t want that. But we Catholics need to be honest and prayerful, as well as disappointed when things like this happen instead of just sweeping it under the rug saying, “well, heck, he DID produce the Passion ya know!” Sometimes I get that vibe from some, and I stress some** of my fellow Catholics. It’s like once you’ve made the Passion you get a free pass. We wouldn’t tolerate this from protestants or “regular” Catholics so why tolerate it with Mel.

I hope he realizes the foolishness of this and goes back to his wife. But after what he’s done to her, she’d most likely never put up with this guy again. He needs our prayers.

Hi Digitonomy,

I understand and appreciate your comments. I’m not in disagreement with you. Mel has put himself in a bizarre situation. First of all, like these SSPX folks, he’s in a state of “I believe in the One, Holy, and Apostolic Catholic faith and the papacy but I want to break off from said papacy because that infallible papacy has proven itself fallible?” When you try to be your own pope, it’s tough to get an annulment. I agree. So, how can he receive an annulment when he’s not with the Church proper? He will be living in a mortally sinful, perpetual spiritual prison and in frightening spiritual jeopardy. I would respect him more if he called a spade a spade and said, “look, I no longer believe in Catholicism. I believe that divorce happens and is a sad but real fact of life. I’m a victim of it and can no longer be in a church that forbids it. I’m becoming protestant.” But he’s been “shopping” around for a new church, recently visiting a Maronite Church. They’re in full communion with Rome so they won’t grant him an annulment. Is he hoping they will? Heck I don’t know.

All I know is that he chose one nasty sin to lock himself into…

My point originally is really EVEN IF he were in the Church in line with the papacy, they couldn’t grant him an annulment based on 28 years of valid marriage that has produced so much offspring and that was healthy for more than two decades. If it were to happen, the Church would be hitting a real low for corruption. There’s no argument for it?


Don’t take Soutane’s comments so personally. He is merely pointing out the obvious. Neither one of us is saying we’re personally holy and perfect and judging Mel to hellfire. What we’re saying is, MEL HIMSELF chose to make himself the face of true, pure, orthodox, hardcore Catholicism. MEL chose to publically condemn divorce and remarriage, abortion, the culture of death, and other sins. He took on these issues and in a brazen way has preached his own brand of Catholicism. Like those previous statements made here, we don’t even know what breakoff “catholic” group he is? He says he’s not with the sedavacantist silliness that Hutton Gibson, his father, has embraced. He claims he’s not SSPX, and also he’s made it clear that he’s not with the papacy. And yet, when he CONDEMNED his own wife, Robyn, as doomed he said that the Church teaching of extra ecclesium non salus applies to her, he said, “hey this teaching comes from the Chair. I go by it!” How can he “go by” the “Chair” [of Peter] if he’s not in communion with said “chair?”

He has basically contended that the Church ‘isn’t Catholic enough’ for me!! He’s basically said, ’ I want it in Latin! I want the priest’s back to me! I want incense! I don’t want guitars in church! I want the harshest, strictest, most old-school Catholicism you can give me!..Oh but wait a minute, those divorce rules don’t apply to me! Thanks!’

It doesn’t make sense. And of course we hope God will be merciful with Mel! I don’t pray “and lead all souls to heaven” during my rosary emptily. That includes Mel. I just pray he DOESN’T remarry after this ‘divorce.’ I hope he pays the child support and stays celibate. He’s preached the message of Catholicism, now he needs to live it. Remarrying will throw him into the deepest hypocrisy.

I agree with Soutane, that Mel should live his faith even when it is not convenient.

Personally, I was a big fan of his from way back with the Mad Max movies and I thought the Lethal Weapon films were terrific. When I found out about his super-Catholic attitudes and then when he went on to say other things, such as his anti-Semitic rant and saying that his wife was going to hell, it really did change the way I looked at him. Another ‘not good’ thing was when he tacitly supported his father’s views on the Holocaust (that it did not exist).

I guess one should just enjoy an actor’s performance for the performance itself and not be influenced by his or her personal life, but he’s making it kind of hard.

There’s no need for me to rebut your defence, but please consider this:

Would you make this, these words - unedited - a prayer to Jesus?

With regard to his personal church, it’s what can happen when you stray too far from Rome. Too far right or left.

Sorry Primox, I don’t understand what you mean? :confused::o

I mean, everything you told and defended in this thread, and how it was said:

"He’ll be living in a state of sin with this floozie for years to come"
You know this to be true? And a ‘floozie’?
"In other words he has proclaimed himself Super Catholic who knows better than the Pope"
Is this really what he proclaimed? Did he say he was ‘Super Catholic’ and ‘better than the Pope?’
"He is a disgrace"
Is this your call?
"divorcing and remarrying and, to add icing on the cake, impregnating a model out of wedlock, and cohabitating? This is not a sin one can merely go to confession over and start over again."
Is reconciliation only for you and your petty transgressions?
"He has basically contended that the Church ‘isn’t Catholic enough’ for me!! He’s basically said, ’ I want it in Latin! I want the priest’s back to me! I want incense! I don’t want guitars in church! I want the harshest, strictest, most old-school Catholicism you can give me!..Oh but wait a minute, those divorce rules don’t apply to me! Thanks!’"
Is that really what he was saying? Are you authorized to make these claims?

Would you pray these words to Jesus? This isn’t shedding light on a concern, gurney, this is a roast. It’s gossip. It’s unsolicited. I’m not going to battle with you. If we’re going to offer prayers for someone, let’s do it, but let’s not speculate about all these rediculous details and what Mel Gibson supposedly thinks of himself and the Church. We’re not in a position to rebuke him, you’re not in a position to speak for him, and he’s not in a position to defend himself.

This is an example of why you should not put your faith in men. We can all fall in to one sin or another at any moment, being orthodox does not exclude you from being a sinner. As for Mel, he made a very moving movie in the Passion, whoever the movie he made immediately prior “What Women Want” was very immoral, basically porn for women. Perhaps his struggles are part of the reason why he was able to make a film like the Passion.

Good post. I agree. I saw his most recent interview on Leno. He said he had been separated from his wife for the past 3 year. (Separation came before the new girlfriend–not that it makes it okay.) All of this began shortly after he made the Passion of the Christ

I’m saddened for Mel Gibson, his wife and his family. After seven children, their marriage falls apart.:frowning: My husband and I have seven children. As time goes by and more babies come along, it’s very easy for spouses to take each other for granted and just assume the marriage will be okay. Watching the interview reminded me I should never to take my husband for granted.

St. Paul discourages us from “gossip” about the inside private matters of a fellow Christian.

I don’t think Mel Gibson intended for this stuff to be known, as it is the press that was responsible for pointing out his stumbling.

I didn’t even judge him on his “anti-Semitic” rant as a drunk, that was just a witchhunt.

I don’t agree with that to an extent.
(**I also think it’s also a little bit ludicrous to use a movie that Mel made prior to the Passion to somehow point out hypocrisy, or fraudulent…though “porn for women” is ridiculous there wasn’t even any sex scenes I can remember. Braveheart, and The Patriot had violence in it, but the over-emphasis on moral boundaries for movies, doesn’t seem to get all crazy when it comes to violence, but sexual innuendo, though I do agree sex needs to be treated respectfully/tastefully in art, “What Women Want” was mild and too lighthearted to call “a porn for women” it did not endorse good values one could argue, but hardly a that! :rolleyes: That’s a misleading characterization for those who haven’t seen the film to judge for itself and may think Less of Mel because of it. Bad use of hyperbole. **)

It’s true that we can’t put people on pedestals, only God. But we should have faith in our brethren, each other, and never rule out repentance no matter how many times they fall away.
All men fall short, but we can only look to the Saints as guidance and be proud of them for finishing the race. Jesus’ commandments were to 'Love God, and love one another.
Not Love God, and look down at how weak, pathetic everyone else is who may have trouble in their race to seek God.
I think not trusting men completely, because they have the propensity to fall misses the point, because we have to trust in our fellow man. We have to trust the apostles, it only helps our faith even better. We are not only to love God/Jesus, we are to love and help those who want to be his friends.
Mel Gibson stumbling, should not be looked at as vantage point for us to look down upon him, and point out his transgressions, but one of grief for a lost sheep.

I don’t see him as a manipulator nor someone who’s misled a flock from the position as a teacher. His decision to make the “Passion of the Christ” was an individual testimony of his faith and personal project for him, he’s seem to have been pretty lost prior to making the passion, and then had a brief moment of reflection and connection with the Lord around that period.
(Even King Solomon was led away from God, despite his wisdom and connection to the Lord! )

Anyway, everyone judging what goes on inside the walls of this man who is in the public eye is a little bit hypocritical. As I said already St. Paul discourages talks about “scandal” in his epistles to the Christian communities.
This guy’s falling away is the Lord’s to judge. We don’t know what’s going on in the inside: between the walls, the relationships of the family, the individual’s conscience, the individuals moment of weakness.

The Devil exists, and he’s pretty darn effective in the world of Hollywood.

I pray for anyone Catholic who makes a career in that place. No matter how strong you think you are, you need to be led away from temptations and delivered from that ‘world’, sometimes with all that wealth, and being surrounded by immoral people can be too much to bear. That’s what I think Jesus is referring to when he says to cut off our hands’ in the case of sin.

I feel sorry that Mel Gibson took such a downward spiral after ‘the Passion.’ He has since looked miserable.

Some here need to read this


There are many testimonies of reversion to the Faith, conversions, and so forth because of The Passion.

A lot of folks have demons. Pray for Mel.

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