What is up with some of these Threads?

Shouldn’t we Catholics not be watching shows that have: immodesty, nudity, homosexuality, sex, drugs, demonic themes, etc.? Because in a short span of 30 mins of browsing, that’s what I have seen people say they watch in this forum. And no one is even showing any concerns.

I am 19 years old and I limit what I watch and play greatly based on the morals in video games and shows. However my Great Aunt would watch sex, murders, and other immoral behaviors on TV all the time. And I heard that other elderly people are addicted to those things. Should I be concerned!?

I am wondering what threads you have been reading, because I have seen quite a bit of criticism of the topics you mention.

“Who loves anime here?” How about this thread? I mean someones favorite anime being “Hell’s Girl”… :nope:

Don’t forget excessive gratuitous violence in your categories

There appears to be an interesting phenomenon in which a significant number of people become LESS conservative, prudish, moral if you prefer, as they grow older. I don’t think there is too much research in this area, but I’ve noticed it in my own family and in others. Perhaps it’s related to becoming more mellow later in life both biologically and psychologically, less certain of one’s own views after having had more life experiences in the world, and therefore more willing to tolerate, and sometimes engage in, alternative behaviors. Others may just be tired of living according to rules, which they’ve done all their lives.

You ain’t seen nothing yet young brother in Christ!!. A friend of mine sent me an email voicing concerns for the materials available on “Planned Parenthood for Teens” including a facebook page. (You would need to google those phrases to find them. I won’t put the url out here.)

They are encouraging promiscuity and freewheeling adult behavior to kids who aren’t mature enough to know what is moral or amoral in what they see and hear every day.

My daughters and wife complain that there is nothing worth buying in the way of clothes for our granddaughters. Everything is very trashy looking. And it is all modeled after Disney Channel on the kids’ program where Trash is associated with the cool kids. These are 1st through 4th grade!!

My mother who is 91 said the other day, she is ready to leave this world anytime because of these conditions seemingly becoming more prevalent all the time. And you know what?? I’m looking forward to leaving this behind too.

How the Catholics back in Roman times must’ve longed for escape!

Or as I put it.

Your cup gets bigger.

Meltzerboy. It is a slippery slope when you start to accept conditions because they are contemporary, and other views as prudish. Who would’ve thought 20 years ago that religious and moral choice would be the hinge point for electing a President?

The fact that we have a party who seemingly favors abortions, and to be identified as a country as “secular” rather than “under God” is not just modern thinking, it is taking the road that leaves us totally exposed and unprotected, that protection from God that we have enjoyed for the entire history of this Country.

I understand what you are saying, but be aware that all mistakes of history have a hinge point. That hinge point is given to us as a choice every day as individuals.

Stay blest.

First of All, it’s HellGirl, and if you can’t even say it right, I doubt you’ve ever seen it.

Second of all, we Catholics are allowed and even ENCOURAGED to use our own prudential jusdgement on what we should and should not watch. We are not banned from watchign or reading something just because “Someone” says it’s immoral or immodest.

I suggest you check out Decentfilms.com, and the sites about page artcile “What are the decent films?” for a very Catholic look at film and the arts. Afterall, many films on the Vaticans list of notable films are filled with nudity, vulgarity, and morally troubleing material. It’s all what uou get out of it.

You don’t know why someone watches Hell Girl, or The Sopranos, or any other “immoral” show, but if theyr’e on this forum, chances are they’re not watching it for the immoral themes, but for something else. Why should what other people watch on TV be something for you to get worked up about? If it is not pornographic, and is not a temptation of sin for someone, they can use their own judgement on wether they should see it, and they won’t be in sin.

BTW, just because something has refernces or features of homosexuality, immorality, drugs, wtc, does not make them bad as a whole. Oftentimes the very need to represent reality calls for such things.

NB4 EdWest

you probably should stay away from Shakespeare, histories and certain parts of the bible.


We are living through what St. Paul called the falling away, and what is also called the Great Apostasy. The CCC speaks of a great falling away of Christians at the end shortly before the return of Christ. You might check out the End Times Speculation thread for thoughts on where we are in Salvation History.

The triumph of Blessed Mary’s Immaculate is believed to be on the horizon, and this event is expected to right the ship, so to speak.


God bless you.

When I am at my daughter’s house, we watch TV. I don’t have one. She has all these shows on her DVR, I guess, that she watches but not around me.

I think True Blood must be Satan’s favorite show.

It’s not a moral thing, that we have to watch “mom shows.” It’s just that after a while my brain pretty much had every violent ugly image in it there was a capacity to store.

Why would I want to put more in there? They make me sad, the shows. Not just the violent ones, a lot of the comedies about families where it seems to be funny if we are cruel to one another. You know what I liked about Northern Exposure? It wasn’t a Disney family no sin show, but all the people were essentially decent and caring. Weird, but decent.

What the heck are we putting into the brains of children? I don’t want it in mine, much less theirs. When did ugly get to be not only okay, but the default position?

“Northern Exposure”: there was a quirky, entertaining, and quality show! So much junk on the air today, apart from the morality issue. This despite, or maybe because of, the vast number of channels.

so, seriously, shakespear’s out? you wouldn’t watch Evita? Animal House?

There’s a difference between violence and sexuality in the context of the plot and gratuitous violence and sex. And even the latter can be all right from time to time. So Shakespeare is definitely NOT out. Is “Animal House” a series now? I remember the film with John Belushi, which I liked. However, I think a steady diet of what I consider low-quality entertainment is not really the best for the minds of children or adults. Not that I believe in censorship (as a liberal, I’m not allowed to believe such things!), just the exercise of discretion on the part of parents and the shows they and their children watch.

I could watch a steady diet of high quality entertainment and find the same kinds of carnage and low morality. how many billions of people are murdered in Star Wars?

Who says “Star Wars” is high quality? I’m talking classic films, Shakespeare, PBS shows, television like “Northern Exposure,” and old sitcoms, such as “The Honeymooners,” not the modern mindlessness that passes for entertainment.

To a large extend our acceptence of sex and violence on TV conicided with cultural changes. News coverge during the Vietnam war, 60 Minutes, All In the Family was a breakthrough. In a few short years we went form I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith to MASH and Cheers. A lot of ground was covered there. But even though it seems quick in retrospect, while it was happening it occured “naturally” and was incorporated and institutionalized.

When diffiicult economic times occurred in the 70’s, we got “Dirty Harry” and “Death Wish” where violence with extreme prejudice was justified due to a “revenge” factor.

Once it took root and became mainstream there was no stopping it. And I’m talking about everyone. There were only three major channels. Everyone watched the same things. It wasn’t until later that we started to question it. We had never been led astrray before by the little box in our living rooms so we were caught unawares.

Anyway, to fast forward to now, now we have more options (good and bad) and have become more aware but the sex and violence is still engrained, and very tempting.

Also, demographics has a lot to do with it. When the majority of the country was married people who had lots of kids (boomers) the supply met the demand. Now there are fewer traditional families and they are smaller. I know I repeat myself a lot here at CAF but the fact is we (Catholics) are a minority. We used to have market dominance. But, the market has shifted with the demographics. There are a lot more single adults. Advertisers aim at the market they want to tap. Follow the money…

you might not like it, but in the film industry, Star Wars is a classic. and 11 academy awards nominations, national film registry, foundation for a billion dollar business…

Chinatown is about rape and incest, Bonnie & Clyde about homicidal loonies, the heroine of *Stagecoach *is a prostitute, billions die at the end of *Dr Strangelove *, the male lead in *Cabaret *is not only gay but … he has an affair with Liza Minnelli…

I tend to agree with your whirlwind analysis of the life and times of television viewing and audiences.

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