what is up?

What’s up with all the television shows set in the South? I’m talking about Duck Dynasty, Big Smo, and all the shows about alligators of all things?

I know the people on Duck Dynasty don’t even think of Catholics, since at one time I was a member of the same church of Christ denomination that they belong too. They hate CATHOLICS and think of us as totally apostate.

Why are these shows soo very popular?

I live in Texas now, but I have also lived in Illinois and California.

I swear every time I hear own for on, or drank for drink it just grates on my ears.

Sorry, I made a huge mistake. I meant to say that the people on Duck Dynasty do not consider Catholics to be Christian.

How do you know this? Did they make any anti-Catholic statements?

Duck calls are non-sectarian.


We don’t have cable TV, so I had no idea that there are so many shows set in the South. I don’t think there are any shows about the South on network TV.

I don’t know for a fact the answer to your question, but I’ll make a guess. The biggest population centers in the U.S. are NOT in the South, they are in the North, East, or West: Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Boston, L.A.

There are big cities in the South, but not anywhere near as huge as these four, with their surrounding suburbs. BTW, these very liberal cities elect our President for us–even if everyone else in the rest of the country votes one way, these cities have enough population to sway the vote in the opposite direction. :frowning:

I’m guessing that the people in these cities are curious about life in the South. It’s so different than what they experience from day to day. So that’s why there are so many shows set in the South–people want to experience the South! It is interesting–different weather, food, dialects, families traditions, holiday traditions, farming practices, arts, literature, history, architecture, wildlife, manners, religions, etc.

We lived in North Carolina during the entire 1980s, and there was a lot of support for “Southern Pride.” We often heard or saw the phrase, “The South will rise again,” and it wasn’t meant in a racist way. If the song “Dixie” was played or sung (which it often was!), people would remove their hats and tears would stream down their faces.

I wonder if that attitude is still around in the Southern states? I thought it was kind of nice. Southerners do have a lot to be proud of. My mother was from the South (Arkansas), and she was fiercely proud of her Southern heritage.

I’m not sure if Texas considers itself part of the American South. From what I have seen, Texas considers itself a different country. They are the proudest people in the U.S., and for good reason–lots to be proud of about Texas.

andrewstx, I think you should try to be more tolerant of speaking dialects. All of us are different, and there’s no reason for us to find a particular speech pattern “grating.” It makes this world and this country more fun!

This is not so new. TV shows based on some theme or caricature of life in the south, like The Dukes of Hazard, were popular decades ago. What we are seeing now is what always happens when one TV show, or movie, or song becomes popular: copy-cats trying to cash in on the popularity. So Duck Dynasty strikes a chord with the public, and soon the TV is filled with people slogging through some bayou mud hole, or catching catfish with their bare hands. People will eventually tire of the trend and move on to something else, like zombies and vampires.

Church of Christ members consider themselves to be the ONLY Christians. Everyone else they call non-Christian, or members of denominations.

I know this well since I was a member of that self labled “UNDENOMINATIONAL” denomination and heard that propaganda for years twice on Sundays and on Wednesdays until I graduated high school and my parents control. Three times a week I would consider a lot of anti-Catholic statements.

The think that the gates of hell did prevail and that the true church vanished for 100s on years, until they ‘restored’ it back into existence.

That is called the 'apostacy/restoration dichotomy and they share it with the Mormons, a true cult.

celtspirit, are you a member of the churches of Christ? They too call themselves “Christian” only with no qualifiers.

That’s because they think they are the world’s only Christians.

You are correct. I was a young kid in the 1960s and I remember all the southern-rural shows that spun off each other.

First the Andy Griffin show begat Beverly Hillbillies, which begat Petticoat Junction, which begat Green Acres and so on.

Just like all the reality shows of today.

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