What is VBS?

I read it on the threads but don’t know what it means. Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:

Probably Vacation Bible School for kids during the summer months.

VBS stands for “Vacation Bible School”. These are week long programs run by many churches (Catholic and non-Catholic) for primary school aged children.

VBS differs from regular school-year catechism classes in that they are meant to be more fun and light-hearted since it is summer vacation time. The kids still learn about Jesus, God, the Bible, etc, but the focus in on arts, crafts, games, skits, music, etc, rather than traditional “classroom” activities. The programs typically run 3-4 hours a day for 3, 4, or even 5 days.

VBS usually has a theme, lots of decorations, structured activities the kids do. Several Catholic religious education publishing companies produce VBS kits for purchase, every year has a new theme.

For example:


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