What is worse?


Which option is worse or more “mean” then the others?


One of the choices should have been “Only caring about this because the victim was Christian.”


I said, “For a Muslim to see this and ignore it, deny it, pretend it doesn’t happen, and not object to it,” because I believe that the worst thing is not to be wrong: the worst thing is to know what is right, and not do or say anything. Jesus said, "Be hot [good] or be cold [evil] but don’t be lukewarm [apathetic].

It’s worse to be cowardly and/or apathetic than it is to be honestly evil. The Muslim who is doing the act and the Muslim who is cheering both think they are doing God’s work.

The one who is ignoring the situation knows better.

The Christian reaction is what it is. We do need to point out evil where it is occurring, even if that puts us in greater danger for the time being, because this won’t go away if it is continually ignored.


3 didn’t stipulate that the Muslim actually knew it was wrong.


Isn’t it rather relative to ‘excuse’ somebody because he might not think something is ‘wrong’?

Is beheading a person because of his/her religious beliefs ever right?


Just because one action is worse doesn’t make any of the others right. For what it’s worth, I think reaction #4 is a good reaction. The others are wrong, but of the three, apathy is the worst.


This poll is about which option is the “worst.” “He knows it’s wrong but he ignores it anyway” is not the same as “He ignores it.”

People have obviously read it as “It’s a given that it’s wrong but he ignores it.” Well this is called “being prejudiced and making stupid, culturally biased assumptions about what’s right and wrong.”


I ask again, is beheading a person for religious beliefs ever ‘right’?

Please tell me your answer to this.


Um, it’s obviously never right. In fact, I obviously think that it’s WORSE than being “apathetic.”

I really have no idea why you’re trying to argue with me about this. We have no reason to believe that the muslim in option 3 knows that what the muslim in option 1 did was wrong [EDIT: any more so than the first Muslim-- you know just in case anyone wants to come along and split hairs for absolutely no real reason].

Please leave me alone, as you are obviously just trying to argue with me for your personal entertainment.


Well, look, if beheading a person is never right, then obviously the Muslim beheading a person knows it’s wrong, doesn’t he?

If beheading a person is never right, and you have a small group (you can call it cultural) that does it anyway, in the teeth of evidence of every other society/culture/country etc. today, in spite of the teachings of their OWN book, despite the testimony of some of their own leaders and religious authorities, you cannot really argue that it’s a case where ‘they didn’t know it was wrong.’


Ok, well how about this:

If the Muslim in # 3 doesn’t know that it’s wrong any more than the Muslim who is actually performing the beheading or the Muslim who is cheering-- even if they ALL know it’s wrong–

Then how in the heck is the Muslim who isn’t doing anything “worse” than the one who’s cutting a Christian’s head off?


I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t have the sense of natural morals to know that beheading someone is wrong (except as a punishment for breaking certain natural laws) - therefore the idea that a Muslim wouldn’t know it is wrong is incorrect.


Once again, this obviously isn’t even the point; the question was WHO IS WORSE; they’re obviously all “wrong;” I didn’t say they weren’t; please stop arguing with people purely for the sake of argument. Thanks.


Pretend like I pointed out that he doesn’t necessarily THINK it’s wrong and see if you’re still all up in arms about this thing that has absolutely nothing to do with the poll even though when I originally mentioned it, it was in obvious reference to said poll.


Well, it is obviously wrong to kill a person. Certainly the one who does the killing has done wrong.

But. . .suppose there is another person standing by. A person who could do something. Perhaps that person could walk up and stop the killing. Perhaps that person is a lawmaker who could make stricter laws and deter further crimes. Perhaps that person is a respected writer who could, through his writing, let the world know of these crimes and change the climate of ‘acceptance’ of these crimes into ‘abhorence.’

If all the ‘bystanders’ were to rise up, and say, “Stop the killing!”, were to follow through with given laws, were to hold the killers responsible, were to treat them as wrongdoers instead of as heroes. . .the killings would be less.

What do you think of those people in Germany who ‘let’ the Nazis round up and kill the Jewish and Christian people in the concentration camps? Sure, they didn’t actually dirty their hands with killing. . .but they certainly made the jobs of the killers a whole lot easier.

And so they bear a share of blame, proportionally.

The whole climate of “Pontius Pilate”–i.e., “I find no guilt in this man, but since you desire it, he shall be killed” has led to thousands of millions of Muslim people ‘standing by’ in anything from slightly uncomfortable acceptance of the killings to actual joy and hero worship of the killers. (note: obviously some Muslims have valiently spoken out against the killings and are as shocked and appalled as non Muslims at these actions).

So long as we keep hearing, and seeing, hundreds of people screaming for joy as innocent people are called, and chanting, “Death”, the killers will go on, because their jobs are made easier and the silent acceptance solidifies them in their determination to kill.

Few people in the world actually do kill. But thousands of thousands are making it not only easy for some to kill, but are encouraging them to do so. . .and this is heinous.


talk about jumping down someone’s throat
I think you need to calm down quite a lot:rolleyes:
I think you need to look at your posts BTW eg

If the Muslim in # 3 doesn’t know that it’s wrong

as for

arguing with people purely for the sake of argument

I am not sure why you have made this massive assumption
feeling silly?:wink:


I chose number 1… an act of commision beats out internal attitudes concerning the same sin.


Since no one has picked number 4 I don’t want any more posts chiding me for bringing up acts of islamic terrorism. I will be delighted to stop making such posts. Just as soon as muslims stop persecuting Christians and committing terrorist acts. That will happen when muslims step up to the plate and show us they really are against such horrors.


Some folks need to vote.

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